Pages From Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive #1 Leaked

A number of inked pages purporting to be from Archie’s ‘Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive #1‘ comic have apparently been leaked onto the internet. The pages, which feature Tyson Hesse’s unique art style and appear to be genuine, were shared anonymously following fears that the classic comic series may never be fully published.

Around two or three pages have been shared from the upcoming book, which was left in publishing limbo after it was announced that Archie Comics would no longer be working with SEGA on the Sonic franchise (that honour now goes to rival publisher IDW). The anonymous sharer has suggested that more inked pages could be leaked in future.

The inked pages, which The Sonic Stadium has seen but cannot share for legal reasons, do not feature any text bubbles or colour, and represent a work in progress. Therefore, we cannot glean a lot of information from the leaked images – but, here’s what we can say about them:

  • The first image shows the heroes looking up at something glowing above their heads. It may be part of an Eggman mech, or it may be part of an artefact; the shot obscures it.
  • The second image shows the heroes walking through a crowd of animal friends. This may have possibly been a page intended for the end of the comic.
  • The final image is an entire sequence of Sonic fighting Metal Sonic, as many predicted would happen. The other three heroes seem to be helping out during the battle.

We know that a lot of readers were very keen on reading the finished comic in full. Hopefully, either Archie can do something with it before the IDW comic starts or IDW themselves can see about getting it published under their name. If we get any news about Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive #1 in an official capacity, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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      1. Their comics are doing very well. They have many comics being published, as well as having partners like DC and Marvel making comics alongside.

          1. it wasn’t really their choice, some other person (not Penders) wanted to sue them and it jsut wouldn’t be worth it.

    1. Somehow I doubt Archie really wanted to part with Sonic considering that they could’ve axed him at anytime during its 24 year run.

    1. “…which The Sonic Stadium has seen but cannot share for legal reasons…”

      That restriction, obviously, extends to sharing links to the leaked pages, not just hosting them on-site.

      1. Okay…what about key words for google searching or something? I mean, for all you know, I might not find anything with them, I could just “accidentally” find the source.

  1. Nothing on refunds from Archie? If not then I won’t hold it against them. They did well with the comic and entertained me for years. They did well rebooting the series, but I will miss those original characters that they created. However, I know IDW will serve the series well (if they take it seriously and don’t treat it as being overly silly).

    1. I bought a one year subscription back in January right before all this started. So that really sucks for me.

  2. Well, with IDW getting the rights to relaunch Sonic the Hedgehog in comic book form starting in 2018, I am hoping that the Freedom Fighters – Antoine D’Coolette, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor, and – my main fan fave – Sally Acorn – stay for the launch and be in the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic book beginning in 2018!

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