“No DLC Planned for Sonic Mania”

Following the release (and in the run up to it’s release) of Sonic Mania, a number of people have been asking the question ‘will there be DLC or additional content of some kind released at a later date?’ 

Unfortunately if you were hoping that there would be, you’re going to be disappointed. According to Mr Iizuka, there is nothing planned at this time.

During an interview with Game.jp, Mr Iizuka confirmed that there are no plans for extra Mania content when asked the question.

We’ll let you know if this changes.

Source: Game.jp (contains spoilers)


  1. I don’t understand. Games that ask for 100+ dollars at launch ask for another 60 dollars for (second season) DLC are half baked (I’m looking at you EA), something you regret as soon as your payment has happend. And great awesome games, that exceed epectations, like Sonic Generations and Sonic Freaking Amazing Mania are just 20 dollar, and have no extra content.

    Now I don’t mind Sonic Mania 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. But I don’t want to wait for ± 20 years for the next amazing Sonic game!

  2. I guess if it only takes a year and a half to make these games they might as well use the time to crack on with (the surely inevitable…?) Sonic Mania 2.

  3. who needs dlc when the modding community will create a shadow mod in just twenty minutes after the game is released on steam

  4. Would have loved some more zones revisited, partly to get them out of the way for a mostly (all?) new content Mania 2.

    1. By new content I mean themes, I’m not ignorant to how much they’ve done to returning zones.

  5. Sonic Mania feels complete already. Let them get to work on Sonic 3&K Remastered, already.

  6. That’s good news, it means Sonic Mania is a complete game at first purchase. (which now has sadly become a rarity.). I hope the sales of this game allow for Christian Whitehead and the team (fingers crossed Tyson stays for more games!! I love his animations!!) to make more wonderful retail games like this.

  7. it doesnt need DLC, theres already so much in the game and anything they think of can be put into Mania 2 (such as a playable Amy or Metal Sonic, im sure Hoshino-san would like that)

  8. No? Good! This is one thing I will praise SEGA for, they are not known for releasing D.L.C. for most of, if not all of there games. Once you have bought a game once, who have the full game in your hands for good. Thank for doing this.

  9. So…short campaign, weak ending, tons of effort for unlockables only so two modes make it worth the effort… and now, no more content to intice further play.

    Yep, definitely dodged a bullet here. Gonna wait till this game gets a price it deserves…like $5.

  10. I would really like to beat the game with new characters. I would like a amy rose DLC or Espio dlc.

  11. But on pc, we gonna get some mods ^^
    I hope Knuckles moves get back from s&k.
    The mania one got Lumbago at landing’s recovery

  12. … ok, fair enough. Game feels complete on its own anyway.

    Sonic Mania 2 hopefully has “Lock-On” to play as Amy in Manía 1. 😀

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