New Sonic Funko Pops Listed at Gamestop

An upcoming retail list from Gamestop has somehow leaked, and it has listings for four brand new Sonic the Hedgehog Funko Pops!

There are no images of the products themselves right now (as it is just a very early listing), but we know what the figures will be if they come out. They are as follows;

  • Sonic with Ring.
  • Sonic with Emerald (presumably a Chaos Emerald)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Dr. Eggman

The first two may just be new accessories added to the old Sonic Funko Pop that came out all the way back in 2013, but the last two would certainly be brand new, as the original line only had Tails and Knuckles in addition to Sonic.

If these do make it to store shelves, you may want to make a point of getting them while you can, as the old Funko Pops can fetch prices upwards of $100. We will be keeping an eye out for more news on the matter.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Collections [Facebook]

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  1. I can’t wait for Funko Pops to go the way of Beanie Babies. They are embarrassing. I bought a couple, and I regret it every day.

  2. I’d buy a Shadow one. Because I buy everything with Shadow in it… Except when I don’t.

  3. Yeah perfect! Hope this will happen. Current ones are really expensive, and I’ve started an “other things I like” collection of funko pops recently, so having some new Sonic ones would be perfect for both that and my Sonic collection xD Can’t wait to see Eggman as a funko pop ­čÖé

    A similar rumor happened to a Funko Pop of Sora from Kingdom hearts, I hope that one will be a reaility too.

  4. Hopefully new pops as the old ones were pretty terrible tbh. No detail and for some reason Sonics eyes were messed up. Bought a few of them to store and can’t believe that ppl wanna pay over $100 for those basic ones when they’ve gotten much better pops over time.

  5. You know, I know someone who would want a Shadow Funko Pop. And with the “Funko POP Yourself,” he would want to make one of his SFM self, and that someone would be Daimando!

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