SonicMerchandise.Com To Close

If you’ve been paying attention to Sonic Merchandise recently, this news probably won’t come as too much of a surprise, Sonic Merchandise is to close within the next few days. was the billed as Sega’s official Sonic store for the west and promised western buyers access to Sonic Merchandise which at the time was a little bit tricky.

However, the store has had a few… problems(?) since the start of 2017, many products have been sold out for months and not replaced, their huge March sale was launched and… never ended as well as many of the promised exclusive products never making it to the store.

Well yesterday the store owners posted on their Facebook page that after 5 years the company would be closing within the next few days.

All of us at TSS wish the staff the very best in the future.


  1. With the state the website has been in for the last few months, this was one those things that just went unsaid.

  2. So….was it just mismanaged? I went on there a couple times and didn’t see much of anything interesting. It was pretty barren.

  3. I only bought two times on there. It is too expensive to import to Sweden. 10£ just for shipment. It sucks being poor. Only some Swedish websites stores have Sonic stuff so it ain’t that easy to find here if I do not go to the Swedish GameStop that have a bit of Sonic stuff. So not much to find and I have mostly all the Sonic merchandise you can get in Sweden already. Still, it is sad that Sonic Merchandise is ending.

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