Sonic & Sega All Stars Brawl & Football Concepts Discovered

Remember how Sumo Digital kept dropping hints that they really wanted to do a fighting game? Looks like it was an idea which was seriously being considered if this discovery is anything to go by.

A design company by the name of Funsolve recently uploaded a bunch of concept art images for a number of Sega games, including the House of The Dead Overkill, Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed and more interestingly, two completely unknown All-Stars concepts, All Stars Brawl & All Stars Football.

The football concept is exactly what you would think, the Sega All Stars playing football with the trademark weapons being used during the game.

The brawl one however is the more interesting concept, with Super Sonic used to show the characters can fly around the stage as well as stand on platforms using power ups and throwing objects at opponents.

One annoying part of the concept art is that the brawl concept art was laid out like a comic book… only the second part of it is cut off and we really want to see how that fight was going to turn out.


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  1. …WHY DIDN’T WE GET THESE? I would GLADLY play any of these other those racing games or those insipid “Olympics” games!

    1. They prob didnt bother pursuing these games further due to the bad rap they were getting from many fans, for not sticking to their core Sonic game style.
      The all star racing games’ concept on the other hand was a more basic and safe try then these titles, and these game ideas also prob came after the racing games. And the Mario & Sonic Olymic games concept was actually originally a very creative idea that also got Segas core game characters (Sonic) together on the same level with Nintendos biggest character (Mario), though it is a game that both Nintendo and Sega have milked for much too long…

  2. i really want another Sega all-stars game, Transformed was so good but SUMO has been pretty silence since then…

  3. I could care less if a Sonic and Sega Soccer game was never made, but why the heck did they cancel a Sonic and Sega fighting game?! I’m still bummed that Tails, Amy, and Knuckles weren’t playable in Super Smash Bros. They would have been better additions than more generic sword wielders with counter attacks…

    1. Sometimes I do wonder, why people are really that nitpicky about minor things such as football/soccer. – In 2017.

  4. WHAT?!!!!! We nearly had a fighting game! That would’ve been epic!

    1. To be fair, it would be as cookie-cutter as TMNT: Mutant Melee and Digimon: Rumble Arena. Nowhere NEAR as Smash Bros. worthy as Super Smash Bros. itself.

      1. Well S&ASRT was on par with Mario Kart, not to mention that avoiding comparisons would be a petty reason not to make a new fighting game.

      2. Seeing how Transformed was actually superior to every Mario Kart released so far, in addition to having unique gameplay, I’d love to hear your reasoning.

  5. I would’ve loved a Sega All Star fighting game, though not exactly like Smash Bros, because then it would just be a cheap rip-off. More like a 2d platformer adventure game combined with smash bros, where the focus would be more on the fighting. The characters and enemies would have hp and smash bros style attacks and item to interact with , and things like collecting rings would give back health etc…

    1. Thing is this sort of stuff hasnt gone over well with Sonic fans in the past, and Sega has a tendency to rush and not fully develop their games to the max…Hopefully Sega has changed regarding this going forward…

      1. Your absolutely right sega do rush a lot of games, but now they slow down, I hope. If they came out with a fighting game it would definitely be better than smash bros, because all nintendo does is add more characters, rather than change their style. Not a crazy sega fan okay! I do like mario games.

  6. I would love to have that fighting game right now, hopefully we get one in the future.

    I would actually prefer a fighting game with only Sonic characters tho, I have been longing a new one since Sonic Battle was released.

  7. Wonder if these were pitched post-Transformed if so it’s no wonder they didn’t get made as Sega after 2012 lost it’s mind and made almost nothing but bad decisions that they’ve only recently started to correct.

  8. I wrote a letter to Sumo Digital a while back hinting at a 3rd Sega and All Star Racing game, but sadly they don’t take requests.

  9. The All Stars football is giving me too much of a Mario Strikers vibe, it’s that thick black line style in the drawings.
    I’m not exactly hanging on an All Stars football game anyway.
    But a Sega All Stars fighting game? I absolutely want that.

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