Sonic Runners Adventure ‘Feature Phone’ Footage Emerges

Sonic Runners Adventure might be strutting its stuff on Android app stores right now as a full-blown smartphone game, but if a new video is to be believed then we may well see the endless runner appearing on less powerful ‘feature phones’ as well.

The below appears to be a montage of game footage running on Java ME, a popular game engine for so-called feature phones (or, to give them a less polite slang term, ‘dumb-phones’). It appeared on a YouTube channel called ‘GameloftClub’, but the jury’s out on whether if it’s an official Gameloft account or not (it could well be, as the account is in Russian – Gameloft Russia being the origin of the leak over the game’s initial announcement).

It’s obviously not looking as sharp as the smartphone version of Sonic Runners Adventure, but it’s nice that feature phone owners could also have the chance to play this. We’re not sure about those sound effects though.

Thanks for sending in the tip via Twitter, ‘eury rebuild’!

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  1. Had no idea people were still buying non-smart phones for anything other than walkie-talkie style communication devices.

  2. It looks terrible but honestly doesn’t look that different from the Android version which also looks terrible, meaning that this probably stems the lead platform for this being the weakest cheapest phones around so it looks like garbage. Congrats Sega you’re attempt to get Gameloft to fix Runners is a failure.

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