Sega’s E3 Photo Booth is Incredible “It Has a Trampoline!”

Away from the actual gaming area, Sega has set up a rather large photo booth in which you can have your photo taken in front of a giant green screen, this will then be digitally imposed onto Sonic Forces/Sonic Mania (we’re unsure which) so you can take away a memento of yourself appearing inside a Sega game.


Oh but it gets better, hanging high above the floor is a golden ring, underneath this ring is a trampoline!

That’s right my friends, you jump on the trampoline and try to grab the ring… but it doesn’t end there, if you can actually get the ring, Sega will reward you with $1000!

Our guys at E3 were able to take video of Sega setting up this booth, we’ll update this with any wild attempts at getting the ring that we find.


“Go on son!”

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  1. That ring didn’t look that high… an easy $1K, if you ask me, if you don’t include the trouble to GET to E3…

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