OverClocked Remix Releases New Sonic Anniversary Album

A new album from the re-arrangement masters, OverClocked Remix, has just hit the interwebs. There’s a special reason to run out and get this one, because this latest release focuses on the past 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog. Just in time for the blue blur’s birthday!

A whole range of games are covered in this remix collection, from the Mega Drive classics in Sonic 1-3 to later entries in the series such as Sonic Colours and Sonic Lost World (which we’ve not seen too many remixes of, to be honest, so these inclusions are welcome). The full release contains 20 tracks arranged by 27 artists and was released yesterday (22 June) to great nostalgia.

“My vision for this project was to be simple: I wanted to cover as many games as possible as well as to represent a variety of musical genres to represent the variety of Sonic’s journeys,” writes album director Stepan ‘Black_Doom’ Sudilovskiy on the OCR website. Listening through, it seems like this was mission accomplished for him and project collaborator Jorrith ‘Jorito’ Schaap.

You can download the album from the Speeding Towards Adventure OCR Microsite. It comes on two ‘discs’, and can be grabbed in either MP3 or Lossless versions. We highly recommend listening to it today, of all days!

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  1. “Speeding Towards Adventure”, first time I heard lyrics for Green Hill Zone. It’s fantastic! Liked the whole album. Thank you.

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