Hirokazu Yasuhara’s Sonic 1 & 2 Development Talk Now Online

Hirokazu Yasuhara who was one of the original designers for Sonic 1 & 2 has recently been discussing a lot of early concept and development work which went into Sonic 1 & Sonic 2.

This includes several sketches of level concept art posted on twitter and more interestingly an entire presentation about early Sonic 1 & 2 development builds, these include details such as how the time travel aspect of Sonic 2 would work including a level map, alternative zone layouts and early concept names for zones.

The presentation is in Japanese however an English version will also be uploaded at a later date.

We’ll let you know when that happens.

Source: Hirokazu Yasuhara Twitter

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  1. Hi dude. Just to let you know, according to TimmiT the video isn’t from the presentation in Poland where Hirokazu showed the Sonic concept skteches. It’s apparently from a different presentation.

    We will of course be getting an English version of the presentation he did in Poland soon.

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