Here’s A Sneak Peek at Sonic Forces’ Park Avenue Theme for the Custom Hero

The Custom Hero in Sonic Forces was revealed last month to the tune of two brand new trailers. One of these offered an early look at gameplay taking within the destroyed Park Avenue, and as fun as it was to see a customizable avatar character in action in a Sonic game, I think I speak for all of us back when we first heard vocals drop right within the last few seconds of a great tune that we needed to hear more of it.

Needless to say, Sonic Social has heard our plea and granted our wish! Jam to an early preview of the music from Park Avenue’s Custom Hero Act above, and sing along with the lyrics below! Special thanks to Forte-Metallix on the SSMB for deciphering them.

Take on the enemy, strike them down
We can’t let evil win, take them out
This is justice, this is what’s right

Take on the enemy, mess them up
And bring them to their knees, do your stuff
Time for justice, time to go fight

Destiny lies before you
I believe we have the power
Can you see the horizon?
Victory’s for the taking!

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  1. eh, It’s alright I guess. It’s no Sonic R soundtrack or any other vocal track for a stage we’ve got in previous Sonic games, but I encourage them trying these again. This is far too basic to be anything special though; doesn’t really stand out.

  2. I find the lyrics to be really cheesy and unoriginal, even for that of a Sonic game. And the beat doesn’t quite seem “epic” enough to fit a post-apocalyptic city. Personally I think notes should’ve been taken from Crisis City’s theme.

    Eh, it’s not the best, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. The fact that Graff is involved with the writing is still a bit of a downer for me, though.

    1. I feel the same about Graff and probably Pontac, I would have anyone else but them but hopefully with Shun Nakamura as the director they could lean the story to a more adventurous and balanced tone.

      1. Preaching to the choir here bud (lol, and we were originally talking about music too). I think we could all do with some different more capable talent being put in charge of the characters’ dialogue. Hell, the people working on the Sonic Boom cartoon have a better grasp and understanding of how the characters work than these guys do, and the games were the first things to come out! At this point literally anyone would be better than Pontac or Graff, I’d even take the dialogue writers for the Sonic X dub, at least the characters still sounded like themselves. It’s sad when the only thing you got praise for in the first (well technically second I guess) game you wrote dialogue for, making the characters funny, has been done much better by other people to the point that you seem pointless, irrelevant, and ineffective. Just hire somebody else Sega, at this point you can only do better. XP

        1. Agreed, I liked the writing of Sonic X too, the humor felt more natural than Pontac and Graff’s writing and the characters interactions were much better in Sonic X like in the third episode:

  3. I’ll admit, the lyrics (or at least the first 2/3rds of them) aren’t the most inspired of Sonic vocals, but it just feels so good to have a return to vocal works again, and they honestly aren’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. It feels like a step in the right direction, and if it leads to even more steps, then well, all of those steps will eventually add up in the end. What I am hoping for is that this kind of represents the musical pattern that they have for all of the other stages, Modern and Classic get the usual remixes focusing on their general tempos and tune aesthetics (Modern typically has plenty of Rock and Orchestral components while Classic typically has plenty of Techno and Synth components, as well as both using whatever other instruments and sounds would fit the overall theme of the stage itself), while the Hero character gets a bit of a in the middle grab-all kind of thing like this (actually love the more dance-mix style they’re going for, I personally really go for that) that has lyrics in there to somewhat express the thoughts they probably can’t express themselves thru dialogue (assuming they aren’t going to try and voice them in cutscenes or something, but they rarely ever do that for custom characters anyway). Can’t wait to see more stages and more ways to play and listen to what each theme and aesthetic has to offer.

  4. not really enjoying the music so far. they should have really stuck with heavy metal or rock, it fits Sonic alot more.

  5. Sounds horrible. Just like the whole custom character idea. What is that cringeworthy lyrics at the start even?

  6. I like them alright, I’m very happy they went back to use lyrics and different genres for the ost, this one feels like a mix of Sonic R and Sonic & The Secret Rings kind of music.

  7. I…don’t understand why everyone’s complaining (if I had a dollar every time I had to say that in the Sonic fandom lmao). I’m really loving this song, the beat and the lyrics get me hyped up. No idea why people think Sonic lyrics have never been cheesy before…..this is a children’s game lol. And I don’t know why people are assuming this song sets the tone for the entire storyline/soundtrack….this is one song out of a whole game, plus we already have the actual main theme which, I assume, encapsulates the tone of the game. Most Sonic games’ soundtracks have a variety of genre/instrumentation in their songs, it’s rarely just one type of sound throughout the game.

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