Chemical Plant Zone Revealed For Sonic Mania

Another classic zone has been revealed for Sonic Mania, and this time its Chemical Plant Zone! Two videos have been showcased for it, which you can check out in the links to the announcement on Game Informer below (who refer to the stage as Chemical Factory – although this is likely an error).

The first video shows off Tails in a section that looks rather different to the familiar set pieces of Chemical Plant, so this may be an act 2. It even shows off a new gimmick; jelly-like water and obstacles that you can bounce off or stick to with different colours to go with them. The second video shows off Sonic in a far more traditional-looking section, facing the ever-dreaded block climbing from the original game.

We will update when there are some videos that can be embedded for easier viewing, but for now this joins the three already confirmed classic zones coming back.

Source: Game Informer


  1. Hmm, was hoping they’d avoid using the same levels already utilized in Sonic Generations. Guess not.

    Oh well, at least brand new Chemical plant remixes. Can’t have enough of those.

  2. I think that means the last classic level will be from Sonic 3 unless it counts Flying Battery as part of the 3&K classic stage.

  3. I admit I was pretty skeptical about this, but after watching those two videos with the new stage hazards and Tee Lopes remixes, I’m completely okay with it.

  4. OK, that’s six stages so far. Two being reimagined again after Sonic Generations, two being reimagined for the first time, and two brand-new stages. I predict there will be one more of each making nine main stages, like in Generations. I predict the final two classic stages will be Aquatic Ruin from Sonic 2, and Sky Sanctuary from Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

  5. I was really hoping they wouldn’t redo chemical plant again. This is the first bit of Mania news that actually has me bummed.

    1. Did you watch it??? It was re-imagined to the limits of human creativity. I am very impressed despite it being a pre-existing level.

  6. Eh, I can live with Chemical Plant. I would have preferred Oil Ocean or Mystic Cave since they haven’t been remade before, but Chemical Plant has enough potential for interesting gimmicks that I’m ok with reusing it one more time.

    I just hope this doesn’t count as the “water level”. I’m really hoping for Hydrocity to make it in.

    1. Yeah, we need a Sonic 3 level and I think it would be great.
      If not Hydrocity, I suspect it will be Ice Cap or maybe Carnival Night since it’s visually unique and extremely busy like they seem to prefer.

  7. i didnt care for Green Hill or Flying Battery but im very happy to see a remixed Chemical Plant, the gels are cool ~

  8. Another rehashed zone? If Sega really wanted to remix levels, I think that I better choice would have been a remaster/remix of Sonic 4 with all 3 episodes combined. With Taxman at the wheel, we would get some level designs and physics that would make Sonic 4 worthy of its title. As it stands now though, I think that the remixed levels are just too different to feel familiar yet too similar to feel fresh. Losing hype unfortunately.

  9. While I would have liked to have seen a new stage revealed, I can’t hide my happiness when it comes to Chemical Plant Zone haha. The new gimmicks and level structure looks cool, but that music, good gravy it is delicious. Tee Lopes is killing me with those tunes yo! XD

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