Sonic Mania’s European Steam trailer reveals a release date

While SEGA has remained vague about Sonic Mania’s release date, we may finally have an answer. Sonic Mania’s UK and German Steam pages’ new trailer ends with a confirmation of the release date: August 15 2017.

Unlike past release date leaks from retailers, this is almost certainly not a mere placeholder. So while the release date may still vary a little bit by platform and region, it seems that we finally have an idea of when Sonic Mania will be coming out. Currently, we only have confirmation that this trailer is up in UK and Germany, specifically. We have no confirmation from other European countries, though given how European releases tend to work it’s likely the date will be shared by the entire region. The US Steam page, meanwhile, still only says “Summer 2017”.

Stay tuned for further developments!


  1. August shouldn’t count as summer. It should be it’s own 1-month season. Call it “Really Hot Fall”

    1. Why exactly?
      At least in New England…
      December – February = Winter
      March ~= Winter/Spring
      April & May = Spring
      June-August = Summer
      September ~= Summer / Fall
      October & November = Fall

  2. A Multiplayer mode has basically been confirmed as well on the Steam page: “Go head-to-head with players in Competition Mode”

    1. School starts in September in the US. Why would you stick people in a classroom in blistering hot August?

      1. That’s a great question. Yet every year of school for me, it’s started in the middle of August…

  3. Unless someone’s moved Europe to the southern hemisphere, then no, they don’t mean winter.

  4. Read the title, and nearly broke my keyboard and mouse trying to open steam on reflex. So it’s in motion now, can’t wait for any forthcoming news.

  5. Seems ok but I wish it was at least early like June or July it would be good but oh well…

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