New Sonic Mania Zone Leaked?

It’s the licensing expo in Vegas this week, once again Sega is in attendance. Only this time they might have leaked an unannounced stage in Sonic Mania.

In both an advert for a licensing meeting and on Segas booth itself there are a number of screenshots from Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania including one which appears to be from an unannounced level.

After a few other images were posted a few Sonic fans played around with the images and came up with the following.

It appears to be a gothic castle like stage with a water motif.

Sega have yet to comment on the stage but odds are that will change soon now it’s been discovered.

Oh and until we get word otherwise, I’m calling this stage ‘CastleMania Zone.’


  1. P.S. This article was published with the mobile app, please let me know if there’s anything wrong or off looking about it.

  2. Good to see some original and creative new worlds coming in sonic mania. Especially after seeing sega focusing on way to many variations of the green hill style for too long. Looking forward to this one and Studiopolis and hopeful for Park Avenue in Sonic forces and more to come…

    1. Oops i meant Mirage Saloon is original not Studiopolis. Although Studiopolis has cool new gimmicks, the world itself and its overall design is sort of old just being another similar version of Casino Park. After Green Hill Zone, variations of Casino Park is also way too common.

  3. (In a Dracula type voice) Velcome to CastleMania!

    I’d laugh if it actually turns out to be Castlevania.

  4. i remember that one of the hard boiled heavies looked like a knight holding a maul. It definitely helps the possibility of it being a medieval themed level

  5. Very unique for a 2D Sonic level. Reminds me of Castlevania. Looking forward to that, and any new levels they create for the game. It’s about time we got to see something fresh.

  6. Anything Cathedral, Ballroom, or Castle themed is a very welcomed new trope. I really love the idea of experimenting with new kinds of tropes and locations. Borrowing from Castlevania makes sense for some weird reason.

  7. The graphics look cool but I can’t tell if that’s actually the Sonic Mania sprite.

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