Second Sonic Synergy Trailer Discovered

A few days ago, a few websites reported the discovery of a trailer for Sonic Synergy, the game which would become Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, the trailer showed a number of differences to the final product, such as some very different Eggman designs, better looking graphics and a completely different title.


Well, a few hours ago, a member on our forums revealed that they had an extended version of this trailer which shows even more differences, and that they had it for 2 years but were under the impression it was already known! Well… we know about it now!

Some of the more noticeable differences include Sonic who has finger-less gloves and his arms are not completely blue, the chao were also going to be in the game at some point.

Check out the trailer and see the differences yourself.

Source: SSMB (special thanks to BxB-Meister for posting the goods).

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  1. Despite this version looking a lot better overall, at least the final Wii U version improved the character models, those eyes look terrible!

  2. This trailer almost makes me want to replay RoL. It’s also a sad reminder of what the devs wanted this to be and how sega shafted them

    1. You can also blame Nintendo, for making Sega having to make this for a console that wasn’t strong enough to run it on. Regardless, both Nintendo and Sega are to blame. Nintendo shouldn’t have caused Sega to cut up a game, just so it could run on a lower hardware, and Sega shouldn’t have agreed to those terms, along with rushing a game to get released for a console that couldn’t run it properly.

      1. Nintendo is not to fault. They asked for 3 exclusive games. Sega us the one that tried to move this game to the Wii U instead of making a game from the ground up for it. You can bet if Nintendo new what a mess they were getting they would not have shelled out money for it

      2. Nintendo never forced Sega to do anything. Sega and Nintendo agreed to a contract to have three games exclusive on a Nintendo consoles. It’s pretty much Sega’s fault entirely. They went to Nintendo themselves and asked for a deal.

    2. I love how everything is always Sega’s fault, even when they aren’t the ones making the games.

      Just because the devs wanted the game to be like that it doesn’t mean they had the skills to pull it off. The game has plenty of problems beyond technical issues stemming from underpowered hardware.

  3. Again, it’s a shame that this game flopped so badly, because it had elements I’ve wanted from the main series for a while now. More playable characters, a bigger focus on exploration, combat that isn’t just using the homing attack over and over, and a story that focuses more on interactions and development between the cast.

    Also, I like those early concepts for Sticks.

  4. Never got the chance to play rise of lyric cause I don’t have a Wii u. I was going to play it knowing how badly received it was and even now I think the game had serious potential. For a spin off game, the announcement trailer sans the use of bangarang (though I don’t mind skrillex) was pretty good. It had a lot of elements in it that I’d either wanted to see or make a return in sonic games for a while. Having been raised on the Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith games, I was used to experimental innovation in the series, I.e balancing out the platforming and action adventure style with the speed each character is known for. Looking at this forward for rise of lyric looked like It would build upon that despite it being a spin off for a different universe. I know big red button is resolved now but I would love to see this version of the game get a decent re-release. Very interesting article by the way.

  5. Why does everyone say the alpha build looked better? The character models are downright terrible compared to the ones in the final. The combat and speed sections look just as stiff as in the current build and those Chao designs are BAD. Not ones you could get used to like the main cast, BAD.

  6. I hope one day SEGA think about release this build on consoles and PC for public (witch is impossible, I know, but I can dream, don’t ya?), there so much promise on it… DAMN you SEGA, we had a chance to continue on “good Sonic games” line and you just smash it, always with a wrong decision.

  7. I keep thinking that it’s a shame what happened to Rise of Lyric!! It obviously wanted to deliver something entirely different. I really digged the idea of building a new world with new characters to explore and interact with and interaction between the 4 main characters!
    As today, I would still really love to know what the original, full story for the game was supposed to be because I really have the feeling a LOT was cut out and if Sticks was going to be in some ways ACTUALLY introduced.

  8. One thing I don’t understand about this trailer, seems to contradict what we thought we knew about this game and why it was such a disaster.

    We know it was called Sonic Synergy near the beginning of its development, and it was in development for a very long time. We thought the final product sucks because they didnt have much time to port it to Wii U after being developed on PC… But what’s this at the end of this trailer? “exclusively on Wii U”. If it was destined for Wii U the whole time that changes the Internet story of the disaster of the final product. But then what do we blame it on? Certainly not Sega, but either the Wii U itself being terribly under powered, or BRB staff for not doing a good job for 4 years?

    Could Hogfather offer his thoughts on this please?

  9. Good god, this had so much potential…

    Although the only real improvement between this and the finished project were the character models, I do kinda like the idea of sonic having finger-less gloves in the original. Works better with the sports tape in my opinion.

  10. Interesting idea with the new chao. There are a lot of awesome concepts here which could have worked in a really large game.

    That being said, it kinda makes Boom seem that much uglier and more cynical as an entity. Not only was it forced on starved fans like warm soda in the desert, but it was rushed and had more corners cut than a paper snowflake. The efforts of some talented people, as it has been in the past, once again thrown to the wayside for no good reason outside of putting profits before quality.

    I would have very much enjoyed seeing RoL be the end of this off-shoot, but it seems we’ll have to wait for it to die out slowly.

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