More on the Cancelled Comic Issues, Archie to Provide Update to Subscribers

It’s rare a story twists so soon, but here we are with an important update.

Earlier today, I gave a general comic update on what had gone on in the last month regarding the Archie Sonic comics. As said there, Sonic #291 and Sonic #294 were listed as cancelled by the publisher on PreviewsWorld’s order form.

This is actually extremely critical to note as Sonic #291 was scheduled to be the next comic released in the main series. While being cancelled by the publisher on the order form doesn’t necessarily mean the comic will never come out (there are some cases where the comic does get revived and put out much later down the line, often with a new product code), it is nonetheless not a healthy sign when so many other Sonic comic products have met the same fate, and with so many potential reasons why they’re not seeing the light of day.

However, the lack of communication from Archie may be set to change soon; Archie Sonic Online user GentlemanX got in contact with Archie’s subscription department recently, and received an interesting response to his queries. The agent made two interesting points;

  • Archie plans to email all of its subscribers to Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe by the end of April (and it was explicitly said to be April) to update them on what’s happening with those two comics.
  • In the event that the comics were cancelled, Archie would offer either a store credit or a subscription refund (and the agent noted that they were aware that Sonic readers likely wouldn’t be interested in automatically transferring to other Archie titles).

The latter part is interesting as their usual subscription policy would not allow for a subscription refund, as quoted from their website;

All subscription cancelations will receive a credit only for purchases that can be used towards products throughout our store.

And naturally the first bullet point means that Archie may be ready to talk on the future of their tenure with Sonic the Hedgehog, after three months of silence. In light of all that’s gone down in that time, an update directly from them is much needed.

So, a potential substantial update that may finally clue us in on what’s going on with the comic? May we finally know if the comic is gone for good, or will there be another reason this has gone on so long? Whether the answer to that is good or bad, we will keep you informed throughout.

Sources: PreviewsWorld (05/2017 order form), Archie Sonic Online Forums, Archie Comics website

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    1. As of writing we don’t truly know whether the series is cancelled or not (it’s certainly not looking good), but this is just referring to the two issues and not the series as a whole, yes.

      1. This just pointless skipping thos 2 issues. The team should leave the company and move to another one. That’s what I reckon.

          1. @Hans
            Being a Sonic fan isn’t exclusively about the games, my friend. 🙂

  1. I still think that they are going to say that the reason is due to the focus on Riverdale TV series.

  2. I think they should cancel Riverdale. Putting more focus on the show is just idiotic

    1. It follows their main property.
      It’s like telling Sonic Team to stop making Sonic games in order to focus on making more NiGHTS games. 🙂

  3. I really hope the comic gets sold off to another company. I know the mandates SEGA set for the Sonic comics are pretty horrible, but I really don’t want to see the series abruptly fade away like this.

      1. Sonic for IDW is starting to sound like the new Sonic Adventure 3 or SatAM Season 3.

  4. If anything, maybe Archie Comics should just do a LEGO Dimensions Tie-In Issue: “Sonic Dimensions!” As a collaboration with DC Comics, since it includes a cameo by Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle. “Shall we?” “See you later, Aligator!” “I’m Batman!”

  5. Hmm, as much as I dislike the comics I find it to be a pretty bad way for it to end, especially for those who love it. That is,if it ends.

    I guess SEGA got fed up with Archie getting them dragged into legal trouble.

    1. They should just put together a set of Sonic Manga books, published by Viz Media, as a sort of companion set for The Legend of Zelda series, or at least something to go with those Mega Man Mangas. Imagine it: One set compiles the stories of old where young Nicky the Hedgehog turns into the personified Spirit of Speed, Sonic the Hedgehog! Another book will compile the gag mangas and the Sonic 25th Anniversary Comics from Sonic Team, including the one with Sticks the Badger! Now that’s something that won’t really cause Ken Penders to sue!

  6. If the comics are gonna be cancelled, then one of the Sonic Artists BETTER do up an Off-Panel that shows what happens when Sonic learns his license ran out! And I vote for Jen Hernandez, whom I used to know online BEFORE her time with Archie Comics!

  7. Glad to see this die out, as the original writers, Looking at you Ken and Scott, for not handling this good, and also Sega and Archie for being corporate douches for creating and killing off the best story of Sonic, Pre-SGW252 that is, I’m a fan of this era, I felt it died after 252 took away all that history that made Archie Sonic have the success it did from 93 to 2012.

  8. Just read from comoxogy (a Amazon company) that issue 291 will be released on 27 December 2017.
    Does anyone know if this is official?

  9. The subscribers are supposed to get an email today if this is right. That would be nice since I bought a subscription as soon as the comics stopped coming out.

  10. Whatever happened to the email subscribers are supposed to get before the end of April???

  11. It’s sad to see Archie Sonic Comics ending. I’ve read a few issues myself, so this affects me as one who like the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Comics a little bit. It was fun while it lasted, and unless they find a way to give Sonic the Hedgehog to continue somewhere else, that’s pretty much the end of his run with comic books. Fleetway’s Sonic Comics on the other hand continue to survive. Regardless of what happened, I’ll always remember the adventures that Sonic and the Freedom Fighters had. Especially the last battle of Eggman and Sonic before the former suffered a mental breakdown at his defeat again.
    With Sonic Comics starting to show its slowness and eventual end, Sonic games are still the main factor as that’s where it all came from. I’m looking forward to both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. My hopes have been a bit waning at times, so I just want Sega to do these two games good, especially Sonic Forces. I’ll continue to show support for Sonic the Hedgehog until the very end, that’s the least I can do as a fan of him for such a long time.

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