Sonic Mania OST to be released on vinyl?

While not 100% confirmed, it was put to the audience at SXSW today by SoA Sonic Community Manager Aaron Webber to whether fans would be interested in owning the Sonic Mania soundtrack on vinyl! At the moment this appears to be a WIP, but we will keep you up to date on whether or not this item makes it to production!

Thanks to TheEmuEmi on twitter for the image!

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  1. This would be one heck of a collector’s item, I own a lot of sonic and I’m also into retro stuff (like Coca Cola) this idea is such a “Why not!” answer, I would like for sega to care to explain to us the operation, and cost to submit a vinyl record to the market, and care to tell us more about why and how this would not make its way into our hands for sega to “TAKE MY MONEY”

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