Sonic Mania Delayed To Summer 2017

This just in from the SXSW Sonic panel: Sonic Mania has been delayed from Spring 2017 to Summer 2017! Still no exact date revealed. According to the panel, the devs need more time to make sure the game is as good as it can be.

They said SEGA doesn’t want to disappoint its fans, and is making sure it is taking the time needed to make a high quality game. “Quality is our number one priority.”


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  1. Thrilled to see they’re trying this new radical strategy of trying to not disappoint the fans.

    All jokes aside, I’m genuinely appreciative that they’re doing this. The game looks great

    1. You mean rushing a game out to beat an unrealistic deadline isn’t the best course? *Cough*Sonic ’06*Cough* XD

  2. Awww dat’s awesome Sonic Mania got delayed summer 2017 that’s perfect continuing this new Sonic game balanced.

  3. What added content could possible delay a pseudo-Genesis game!? I was going to get this for my birthday. Now what?

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