Something About a Metal Leg is Happening ‘Tomorrow’

From the Sonic twitter account…

Yup, that’s definitely a leg. And maybe a foot. It might belong to Metal Sonic, but it’s hard to tell.

And something about Tomorrow.

And that is all there is to say about this, no really, there is nothing else to say. Unless anything else happens. As usual we’ll let you know.

See you tomorrow. Feel free to speculate what this means in the comments.

Actually… lets have some fun… you can only pick one.



Let us know if you follow the foot or obey the thigh in the comments.

UPDATE: Polygons Nick Robinson apparently knows what it is, so if the press know then it might be something worth keeping an eye out for.


    1. Why would they use a 3D render of him though? It would make more sense if that had to do with Project 2017. Unless that’s actually illustrated, it’s honestly hard to tell with this closeup. But if it was illustrated artwork, then maybe it would make sense to suggest that he is going to be in Mania. I have little reason to doubt he’d be in Mania either way, he’s a popular staple of the classic era, as far as robotic duplicates of Sonic go.

  1. It’s hard to tell what it is cause it can be a foot but it’s not red, but if it’s a knee then what’s the extra part in it? You really know how to mess with people sonic team and you’re doing too much of a good job.

  2. I’m placing my bets on Classic Metal Sonic. Specifically that version of him due to how simplistic this… leg(?) looks. It’s hopefully an announcement of him in Sonic Mania.

    1. The only reason I’m not thinking it’s Metal Big is because Nick Robinson is speaking about it. If he’s happy about it, that basically tells me there’s a 99% chance of it being something nostalgic.

  3. It’s definitely a foot, but the “shoe” color is blue and not red. I wonder…

  4. I think it’s a Project 17 teaser for Metal Sonic as a playable character. But it’d be cooler if it was for Mania

  5. A new type of Metal character… or Metal Sonic as the main villain for Sonic Mania or Project 2017?

  6. I’m betting that it’s Metal Sonic’s new form for Sonic Mania.

    Like how Sonic 2 had Silver Sonic and Sonic 3&k had Mecha Sonic. I’m betting that Mania will continue the trend of making a new Metal Sonic for every game.

  7. At this point there’s no way to know what this is. Really, who knows? But how about…maybe…”let’s take a look at more clues…”

  8. It’s going to be something Mania related and probably something Metal Sonic related. Is a release date too much to hope for?

    1. pretty sure the release date is already set for May 31st.

      my guess for this is it’s a leg. no, seriously: a prosthetic leg that is Metal Sonic-themed. what do you think? XD

        1. You’re right; That’s not a release date. Dang, and I thought for a while that it was! But wasn’t it supposed to be Q2 for at least the time being? Sometime in 2017, right?

  9. Sonic got turned into a robot by Eggman in the future and takes over as the main villain, Sonic must now band with his past self to stop his evil future self.

  10. Don’t get your hopes up for game info, folks. It’s probably a Metal Sonic collectible statue they’re teasing, like Silver’s.

    It’s easy to tell from the Polygon dude’s post: “the full piece.” Piece, as in product.

  11. I really think is going to be at a event tomorrow I know it along showing it was the secret hey.

  12. I think it’s gonna be some sort of new Egg Robo. That’s the only other robot with Sonic’s shoes

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