Flying Battery Zone confirmed for Sonic Mania, trailer revealed

Flying Battery is the second returning zone coming to Sonic Mania, as confirmed at the SXSW 2017 panel. A snippet of footage was shown of the zone, which we will update with shortly when available.

Update: There is now an official trailer for Flying Battery!

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  1. This does make sense…we never saw Flying Battery destroyed, so Robotnik would still have it as a base.

  2. Was hoping for a bit more originality, but Flying Battery is my second-favourite SK level and this looks real fun to play.

    Love that scrap pile though XD #FuckForcesBuyMania

  3. Am I the only one that is truly disappointed with the recycled zones? I mean, if I want to play Green Hill Zone or Flying Battery Zone, I can simply load up Sonic 1 or Sonic & Knuckles on the various platforms that I own and play those zones right now instead of waiting for Sonic Mania. I understand that the zones are “remixed” or whatever, but I feel that Sega is trying a little too hard to cash in on the nostalgia factor. Given the amount of recycling present in Sonic 4 and Sonic Mania, it’s almost like Sega doesn’t feel like they are capable of making a logical successor to Sonic 3&K and thinks that they need to recycle old concepts in order to make a good game.

    1. Sonic Mania is a 25th anniversary celebration game. There including remixed levels to highlight some of Sonic’s best while adding new stages to make it fresh.

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