Archie Sonic Comic Update: SEGA and Archie “Talking”, Missing Solicits Again, Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive Worry

Last month, we brought you an update on what was going on with the Archie Sonic Comic as of February, concerning delays on PreviewsWorld and Sonic being absent from the May solicitations for Archie. There’s been more interesting developments since then, so here’s a roundup of information as of March.

First off, there have been no further date changes on PreviewsWorld, so issues slated for March and April last month are still sitting at those dates. However, the issues that are dated for March are not coming out on these dates, so these are now inaccurate.

There’s been an update on what’s going on behind the scenes! Tracey Yardley, long time artist on the comic, asked management for any word on the situation he can give, and he has managed to find out that Archie and SEGA are talking on the situation, and that he’ll feed back more updates as they become available. It wasn’t specified how long they’ve been in talks, but it would be safe to presume it’s since the issues stopped coming out back in January.

Sonic is once again absent from the latest solicitation release, this time for June 2017. This marks two months in a row that it has been a no-show. As with last month, this means that the issues dated for April and May are not concrete, and possibly means an even longer wait to get issues if they do get released again.

The final major update is a bit of a worrying one for those following the Mega Drive series. The order form for April 2017 has been uploaded onto PreviewsWorld. It shows that Sonic the Hedgehog #293, currently listed as coming out March 22nd on information pages, is to be resolicited. Two Sonic products are listed as being cancelled by the publisher; Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 5 (the graphic novel collection of all the issues that made up the Champions arc), and Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive #1. The latter issue was the final part to the highly acclaimed series of one shots that comprised the Mega Drive arc, so if it is truly cancelled it’ll be a blow to those who wanted to see the story concluded.

As always, we will have more information on the situation as it becomes available. Hopefully, the situation will become clear sooner rather than later.

Sources; Twitter (Sonic News Channel)Comic Vine, PreviewsWorld (04/2017 order form)


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    1. In order to bring back he original sonic series. Back to television and video games.. Sega has to buy it back from atlrchie comics… for example Archie owns the original sonic series from 1993 that everyone grew up with..

  1. Makes me wonder if it all started going downhill when they started releasing “variant” covers for every damn issue. That’s about when I stopped buying these comics… when I realized selling twice as many comic books (given that collectors like myself would shell out for both the standard and variant editions) became more important to Archie than telling an interesting story.

      1. Did my comment look like a statement? Because it started with “I wonder if…”

        I never stated that “Variant covers are the reason this happened”. I was laying out what personally made me stop buying the comics, and was curious if others did the same as I.

    1. It started going downhill a few months after the nu252 set in. I’m guessing it’s a combo of the book losing so much continuity and Ian trying to fill it in with SEGA stuff and similar content that wasn’t ever meant to play side by side to try and maintain the same thickness of plot. The books are ironically more cluttered now than they were with all the mismatched American stuff.

  2. If I had to guess, SEGA is negotiating an exodus to a different publisher. The comic won’t be rebooted, it’ll just be continued by someone other than Archie.

    1. Honestly I think that is a good choice because if Archie ain’t doing shit then why stay with them

    2. I shudder to see the Off-Panel that happens if that happens: Sonic and his friends being told that they’re being relocated to a new address, and they all pack things up, and Sonic leaves behind a sign saying “See you on another publisher!”

  3. I could never get into the comics but I really enjoyed Megadrive, would be a damn shame for it to be cancelled. Clearly, the Boom Trash™ is to blame.

    Maybe Ian Flynn will do like what Ben Hurst did with SatAM season 3 and tell us what would’ve happened in a few years.

  4. Please say this has something to do with Sonic Forces and Sega can’t decide whether or not to leave the comics as they are or to cancel them now that the FF are in the game (not confirmed but very likely).

    1. …Where the frick do you get the idea that the SatAM characters are ‘very likely’ in Forces, exactly?

      1. Probably some conspiracy theory concocted by Sticks the Badger, and the Resistance Timeline would make them feel at home in the game, only they would not exist in any other timeline. You know she can’t be trusted, right? She thinks that Shadow the Hedgehog is an Agent of G.U.N.! He’s really a butt monkey set up to take abuse for Daimando’s comical benefit! Why else does he have a Shadow Got Owned Collab 2 Event going on all year?

  5. Based on the fact that the talks had been going on now since Jan and we are ending March, I think is with all honesty safe to say the die has been cast for Archie’s Sonic Comic series.

    They want to concentrate exclusively on their brand (Archie and the series cast, plus the show) and the restructuring they went through seem to be indicative of that.

    1. I don’t ththink so.

      I bet the president of Archie wants to go on an entirely different direction.

      Honestly, what kind of idiot would wanna cancel an anticipating issue?

  6. Overdrive probably would have been pretty bad too so at least I don’t have to read it now.

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