Tons of New Sonic Toys Shown at Spielwarenmesse 2017!

Remember how I told you that London Toy Fair doesn’t usually have much in terms of Sonic? But New York and Germany are the ones to watch out for? Well… told you so. Spielwarenmesse is currently underway and as expected, there was a huge showing of Sonic merch! Someone managed to get inside Tomy’s booth and took photos of everything in sight! Resulting in one epic haul of Sonic merch for 2017 and beyond!

Based on the photos taken, the Sonic Boom toy line continues to be very profitable. Yes it is profitable, because if it wasn’t they wouldn’t keep making them… That’s how making money works, you make more of what is selling!

Anyway, on with the report.

Sonic Boom is set to get a HUGE expansion, starting with the action figure line, more specific figures based on episodes of Sonic Boom are on the way, as reported last week Sonic and Co will be released in space suits, as well as a white variation of those costumes.

Along side action figures, vehicles are set to get a small expansion, Sonic’s “Blue Force One” will get it’s own release.

Green jacket Eggman is still on the way if this picture is anything to go by. Only it would appear that he’s going to be part of a multi pack release.

Moving away from Boom for just a moment, Tomy are also set to expand the classic Sega Sonic toyline with a number of new figures.

Starting off with the new 16bit era/themed figures which we reported on last week. But the line doesn’t end there, Tomy are expanding this line with some very strange figures indeed.

Made of a transparent plastic material, both Sonic and Tails get a… very stealthy look. But would you believe this isn’t the strangest figure planned?

Classic Sonic, meet Classic Sonic! If Sonic were released in the 1930’s, he would look like this! A black and white variation of Classic Sonic is on the way, (as well as a Tails figure too), I’m not sure why this is happening… but I kind like it.

Confirmation of another new comic book pack, sadly no figures to go with this one just yet.

Finally, it looks like we’re also getting some new classic themed plushies, no sign of Tails but you know he’ll be included too.

And that’s about it for Classic Sega Sonic merch, however, as I said at the start, Boom is getting a huge expansion of merchandise… including some very new items.

Belt tags, bag tags, buddy tags, call them what you want but these are something we’ve not yet seen before. They come in a variety of expressions so you can customise your bag or belt to whatever mood you feel like.

If plastic isn’t your thing, there’s a more comfortable option…

Yup, there’s a plush variation too! This is something we have never seen before, be it Boom or Sega Sonic, typically when a plush line is released it’ll be of one expression, yet here we have a variety of expressions. Be very interesting to see how this one does.

And that about wraps things up, but check out for even more pictures from Spielwarnmess.


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  1. *Generic reply from someone who doesn’t like Boom trying to justify his lack of interest in buying anything despite the fact they were never going to buy anything goes here*

      1. Ditto. I don’t like Boom and would like to buy cool classic and modern Sonic merchandise but probably wouldn’t in the end—unless it was really, really cool. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

    1. They’d be worth buying if they didn’t look like the second coming of Toy Island, I was looking forward to their Metal Sonic since seeing it was first spotted in a blurry photo but the final product is a joke, that recent 8” figure is a big improvement sculpt size but it’s trapped behind happy meal articulation and hideous dull grey paint, It’s pretty easy to justifying lack of interest in this trash and seeing as how it and Boom cost us Jazwares it deserves every drop of scorn thrown at it. The classic figures are more on pair with Jazwares offerings but I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’d rather have them at 5-6” with more articulation.

  2. I don’t care how much a person might hate boom but they cannot deny that those keychains are fucking adorable.

  3. Can’t wait to get that black coloured Sonic!

    And that pixeled Sonic!

    And that clear blue Sonic!

    And Park Ranger Eggman!

    1. I see the transparent classic figure, pixelated ones, and black and white ones… and I think to my self. “Why tomy? I already have 2 of each in the form of the regular ones and metallic ones. Now I have to buy 3 more of each”

  4. I’m really loving those bag/belt tag…thingos! I’d love a few for my bags, they’re hella cute. Also glad Boom is getting more toys, I think it’s great they’re taking inspiration from specific episodes.

    1. A Lot of us saw that, too. Amy doesn’t get a vehicle, because to market her towards girls and pervs, she’d have to have a fashion doll type of thing, where she would wear her Boom outfit, or her Main Series clothes, or anything else. That’s what she gets for being the Token Female That’s Actually as Girly As You Think!

  5. Im really liking those boom spacesuit toys to be honest. Really cool and the metallic touch adds a level of class!

  6. Black and white Sonic is a must have, why, because in Sonic the Fighters (which I respect that many do not care for but I love) that’s what you get when you fight yourself. I shall be buying the c-thru ones too, because they’re c-thru, maybe a Space Knuckles too, because it’s Space Knuckles.

  7. Really not a Boom fan, but those plushies are ADORABLE (probably because it reminds me more of SegaSonic, rather than Boom?)

  8. So, why no Amy merch? Like seriously, do they think boys won’t buy toys and collectables of her or Sticks? Do they think boy fans of the show will get made fun of for owning a toy that’s a girl and then just not buy them? Not only that, there are plenty fans of this show who are young girls I’ll bet, so why not provide toys they feel they can connect with? Both Amy and Sticks are characters who save with day with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, they should be included.

    1. Remember the early days of MMPR? They had fashion dolls of the Pink and Yellow Rangers to appeal to the girls.

      Because Sonic is primarily targeted towards boys, don’t expect any fashion doll/plush of Amy or Sticks, with removable clothes, and alternate outfits. I mean, you could give Sticks her black dress, or give Amy her Main Series outfit. Those guys at Build-A-Bear Workshop need to start making an Amy Rose plush. They’re slackin’ off!

  9. Kinda of disappointed there are no new Modern Sonic merchandise, my desk could use a Sonic figurine and it seems all the previous ones have been discontinued.

    Can’t wait not to buy those Boom toys tho!

        1. I love the black and white figures.
          Not that big a fan on the stealth looking figures.

          Out of all the other Boom toys… I might get the spacesuit ones purely because it’s something really different.

          Maybe one or two of the new plushies because they’re also really different and look pretty good.

          But wallet and space won’t allow me to get everything.

  10. I like the emoji plush toys that sleeping sonic is the cutest! I actually like sonic boom, you have realize it’s just meant to be funny and it’s not really cannon with the modern sonic games… I look at sonic boom like it’s something all-new which allows me to enjoy it.

    1. Because of a episode from season 1 where there’s a alternate dimension where knuckles is smart and eggman where’s a green shirt

  11. While the classic figures look fine to me, the variants for them seem kind of lazy.

    The “16-bit” ones are a no-brainer. You can’t add pixelated prints onto figures of a non-pixelated shape and expect it to look good. If I were to do this, I’d do something similar to that of the 8-bit Mario amiibo (

    What’s with the jello figures? They just look…weird. It seems that they just lazily changed the type of plastic they were using and thought “yeah that’ll look good on the shelves”.

    1930’s classic Sonic is not bad, but it could’ve been better. Instead of just simply removing the saturation, stuff like pie-eyes could’ve also been added ( Maybe even a change of attire to reflect more of a classic Disney style (

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