Sonic Revolution 2017 Announced & Dated

The Sonic Revolution fan convention is set to return for 2017, this year the event will be held Sunday, June 11th from 10 AM to 6 PM at the Fiesta Hall in Whittier, California.

Along with the confirmation of the venue and the date a number of special guests were also confirmed.

Bill Freiberger, co-executive producer and voice actor on Sonic Boom, as well as Alan Denton, one of the writers for Sonic Boom will be in attendance, fan content creator Balena Productions will also be in attendance.

Tickets will be distributed through GoGetFunding, every ticket comes with a goody bag but for those who want to spend more money, you will be rewarded with a collectable mug or T-Shirt.

More guests and incentives to attend have also been hinted at.

Full details of the event can be found on Sonic Revolution 2017 funding page.



        1. I didn’t see it on Twitter either, but he did say it in the livestream from yesterday. But I don’t recall him saying anything about more news on Project 2017, only mania.

  1. I dunno… Given the whole situation revolving BOOM and its current questionable state of existence being maintained or possibly-soon-to-be-dropped, having guests behind BOOM isn’t too grand an accomplishment. It’s great to have them though, bit I kinda pity all the staff behind the BOOM franchise.

    SEGA handled both the initial Rise of Lyric title and the show itself badly and gave most staff revolving BOOM a very dirty end of a stick.

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