F4F’s Silver statue now available for pre-order, details of day one edition unveiled

First 4 Figure’s Silver the Hedgehog statue is now available for pre-order. As we reported last week, those who order the “Exclusive Edition” version of the statue in the first 24 hours will receive a special “Day One” edition, which the company detailed in the hour before the pre-orders went live today.

The Day One edition will include a signature card from F4F Creative Director Alex Davis and a Day One Edition holographic sticker. Day One customers will also receive additional F4F reward points. As of this article’s publication, pre-orders have been open for 4 hours, so anyone who wants this edition will need to order within the next 20. Pre-orders for all other versions of the statue will be open until March 7. Shipments are currently scheduled for Q3 2017.

The 17” statue comes in two varieties: a regular edition that sells for $250, and the aforementioned “Exclusive Edition,” which includes glowing LEDs on its hands, boots, bracelets, and base and sells for $285. If you want to see more images of these statues, or pre-order them, check out F4F’s website.


  1. Never purchased a statue let alone a Sonic statue. This looks pretty good though, plus Silver’s a pretty cool addition to the original three hedgehogs. If the maker is reputable and puts out good quality merchandise, I might just get this.

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