3,653 Nights: 10 Years of Sonic and the Secret Rings

A Storybook Retrospective of Sonic and the Secret Rings

Once upon a time, on the nineteenth night of February 2017, I had fallen fast asleep on my sofa. An issue of Sonic the Comic lay strewn out upon my face, its pages fluttering up and down in the makeshift breeze as my body gently breathed in and out. A fireplace roared away in the corner of the room as the quiet ticking of the grandfather clock permeated the silence. Eventually, the two hands pointed upwards and the simple staccato beats transformed into a melodic chime. A strange magic seemed to fill the air.

“Zzz…” I snored, happily oblivious to my surroundings.

“Um…” murmured a familiar voice. It was not enough to make me stir.

“Zzz…” I snored some more. My unexpected guest grew impatient.

“Hmph! Hey, wake up!

I came to with a start, the comic slipping off my face and onto the floor. My eyes shot straight over to the clock. Midnight! February 20th had arrived.

“Boy, is it that late already?!”

I leaned down to reach for the comic, but instead found myself picking up a shining circular object. A copy of Sonic and the Secret Rings! But what was it doing here, and why was it out of its box…? Suddenly, a ghostly mist surrounded the disc, and out popped a female genie with pointy ears and purple-pink hair!

“Do not be alarmed,” she explained, “I am Shahra, the Genie of the Disc!”

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Surely this couldn’t really be happening?!

“This is what I get for listening to Big the Cat’s Emerald Coast music before bedtime…” I mumbled to myself.

“Please,” she begged, “look at this!”

A laptop materialised in her hands, the screen displaying a series of posts on an internet forum. The name of the thread: ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings sucks!

“Wow, those comments are… harsh!” I observed, a little shocked. “Opinions on it really have changed, haven’t they!”

“Our world, the world of the Secret Rings, is vanishing!” she revealed. “It is the work of an incredibly evil spirit… the Erazor Djinn! He has begun to carve up our game’s reputation. When it first released exactly ten years ago today, the reception was generally positive – but now it is crumbling apart! If our fanbase ceases to exist, then this story will be silenced forever…”

“That definitely sounds like trouble,” I agreed, “but what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to stop it. Only you can restore the people’s belief in Sonic and the Secret Rings!”

“I suppose I can help out with that… but this is all something out of a videogame, right?” I questioned, ever so slightly perplexed. “How am I supposed to do anything about that?”

“That’s easy,” Shahra replied, “you are my master, having called forth the Genie of the Disc. Bringing you into the world of the Secret Rings is within my power. Now, please place the disc into the console…”

Obediently, I bent down and inserted the game into my dusty old Nintendo Wii. With a thunderous whir of power and a flash of rainbow light, I found myself standing in a whole new world.

I had arrived in a tunnel of golden light: a swirling vortex with giant pieces of paper floating all around.

“Where are we?” I asked Shahra.

“This is the Lost Preview, the world before the Secret Rings…”

I looked down at the pages making up the road beneath my feet. They were extracts from old magazine and website articles about the game, from early impressions to initial reviews. Lo and behold, most of them were pretty optimistic.

“Hey, I used to read some of these! Wow… I’d almost forgotten that the game was called Sonic Wildfire in early development! Check out some of the great things people were saying… man, I was so excited for it back then!”

At this point, it also occurred to me that, completely automatically, I had started running along in a straight line. Shahra noticed my surprise, and commented:

“Yeah, that’s a force of habit in the world of the Secret Rings. You’ll get used to it.”

Unfortunately, it seemed I had also lost my ability to stop, and soon found myself running straight into the back of a big ugly purple genie wielding a mighty scythe. The Erazor Djinn!

“You… you must be that ape that just got added to the story!” he grinned, turning around to face me.

“Don’t you know anything? I’m not an ape, I’m a human!” I pedantically corrected him.

“I have already ruined this game’s Metacritic average and forced SEGA to de-list it from retail stores! Soon the rest of its fans will follow…”

“We’ll see about that!” I bit back, my legs still stuck in a running animation with Shahra having to hold me in place.

“Oh, you’re one of them, are you? I suppose a suitable punishment is in order, then…”

Without warning, Erazor shot a burning arrow of fire right into my chest.

“This game’s reputation is tied to the flame. Bring me one good reason not to blight it to oblivion before the arrow extinguishes. If you do not… your journalistic credibility is forfeit! Hahahahaha!”

“Ouch!” I yelped, as Erazor quickly teleported away into the ether. “I reckon I’m going to need some Gaviscon to sort out this heartburn…”

“No, we do not have time. Let the speed mend it!” Shahra suggested instead. I wondered if she realised she had just made an in-joke. “You must hurry and remember what made you fall in love with the Secret Rings a whole decade ago…”

Shahra conjured up a luxurious-looking magic carpet and gestured to climb on board with her. She handed me a Wii Remote, telling me that I could use it to steer us around.

“Now this is first-class!” I exclaimed, just grateful not to be endlessly running on my feet any more.

I looked up to see a series of locales now listed in front of me. Somewhere from the depths of the vortex, a voice was singing: ‘Make-believes reborn! Myths in mind rethought..!’. That won’t ever get annoying, I thought. Deciding to visit the areas in order, we soared onward, and my adventure into the world of the Secret Rings had begun…

One thing became clear as we perpetually ventured forwards: every step on our journey was a fast and thrilling rollercoaster ride of fun. Or, at least, most steps were. In between the high octane magic carpet flights, we had to make shorter and less exciting visits to each locale. I didn’t much see the point in revisiting the same places over and over again for a number of trivial tasks: collecting (or not collecting) rings, destroying a very specific amount of evil spirits, or painstakingly hunting for dinosaur eggs. Shahra, however, insisted that it was necessary in order to forge the path ahead – which would have been fine, except that we had to zig-zag between locales to do so, with increasingly grating echoes of ‘Make believes reborn!’ greeting us every time. For a world so obsessed with moving forwards, Secret Rings didn’t really seem to comprehend the virtues of straightforward linearity.

“This is needlessly obtuse, you do realise that?” I remarked. Shahra chose to ignore me.

It had also become clear after a while that our mode of transport was far from ideal. The Wii Remote, though a novel means of steering, was just that: a novelty. Tilting to and fro worked fine, but the struggle to slow down and reverse caused untold amount of crashes and near-misses. I pleaded with Shahra for a more traditional method of controlling our movement, but she insisted that this was the only way. I started to believe that turning around and going backwards must be considered a crime in these lands. Either that or the world had just taken Green Forest’s ‘Won’t Stop, Just Go!’ mentality a little too seriously.

By the time we finally reached the heart of the Night Palace, I was feeling pretty jaded and weary – our adventuring had literally been non-stop! But, in spite of all my frustrations, there was no time to rest. The flaming arrow in my chest was nearly gone, and the Erazor Djinn still had to be stopped. Entering his throne room, we could hear him reciting an incantation:

“Ifalas zaras I e zaraq, Ifalas zaras I e zaraq…”

“What’s he doing?” I asked Shahra.

“He’s summoning an angry mob to burn what’s left of this game’s reputation to the ground!” she panicked. “You must stop him, now!”

Erazor finished his spell and an army of disgruntled Sonic fans with torches and pitchforks materialised beside him. Sensing our presence, Erazor turned around and laughed maniacally.

“Ah, it’s the ape again! Have you brought me your one good reason?”

“Umm… actually, I don’t know…” I answered honestly.

Erazor and Shahra looked equally stunned.

“You see, I can completely understand why some people wouldn’t like this game. It can be a right royal pain trying to traverse through these areas using the Wii Remote, and the constant coming and going between different areas to complete missions can bring the momentum grinding to a halt. Which is ironic really, considering it’s all meant to be about never-ending speed!”

Shahra put her head in her hands, defeated. Erazor smirked and nodded to the angry mob to start approaching.

“But,” I continued, “that doesn’t mean it’s not without its charm. For all of the game’s faults, I can’t help but admire it. Whether it was Sand Oasis, Evil Foundry, Levitated Ruin, Skeleton Dome, or anywhere else: this is a gorgeous, gorgeous world. The landscapes, the lighting, the set pieces… they’re all beautifully diverse. And all from a launch-window title on a standard definition console! Maybe including dinosaurs and pirates is a little strange thematically, but I’m willing to give those a pass for sheer spectacle alone. Oh, and I absolutely loved the music of this world, too! I may never know what an Unawakening Float is, or find out who’s gonna rock the place, place, place, but these are all songs I will never forget. They’re just so… unique. And I think that about sums it up: Secret Rings is a game that dares to be different. Yes, it’s a product of its time that cashed in on gimmicky motion controls. Yes, it hasn’t aged very well by modern standards. But back in 2007, compared to the other Sonic titles on the market, this was a big deal. Strip away its technical flaws and Secret Rings is a game that’s simple yet compelling in its story, its presentation… and, at times, even its gameplay. Trash talk it all you like, but its creative heart will burn on with a passion that can never be extinguished!”

It was at this point that I expected the flaming arrow in my chest to burst forth with almighty, triumphant vigour. Alas, no such luck.

“Pah! You think that’s good enough to stop me?” laughed Erazor at my excuses.

“Oh… umm…” I desperately scrambled for other ideas, “well I suppose Secret Rings is technically canon now, seeing as it did get mentioned in Generations, so…”

Erazor just carried on laughing. Even I knew that was a pathetic attempt.

“You have failed, ape! Now, feel the wrath of the flame!”

With a click of his fingers, Erazor’s angry mob angled their pitchforks in my direction and came after me. I needed a get-out and I needed it quick.

“This doesn’t look good! Shahra, please lend me your power!”

A distant voice cried out: ‘Time break!!’

There was a flash of grey and the world slowed to a crawl. Seizing the opportunity, I turned and ran. And I ran, and I ran, until I found my way home. Sonic somehow managed it, so I figured I could too.

I don’t know whether my efforts managed to make any difference to the fate of the Secret Rings. Ten years on from its original release, I got to relive both its highs and its lows – and, while it often felt like an arduous journey, I do not regret making a return visit to its world. Strange, isn’t it? That’s this game in a nutshell. Maybe that’s what makes it special.

The past was kind to Secret Rings. The present, not so much. Its future reputation? Well, that remains uncertain. Day by day, only time will tell if it’s meant to be… but in my opinion?

It’s worth a chance.


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  1. i expected to read an article celebrating secret rings’ history or something like that

    i did not expect a self-insert fanfic

    are you okay doc

  2. That game has great level design, but the engine is bad. I would’ve loved it if it was in Hedgehog Engine.

      1. Hey woah, woah. CD is an awesome game. I think we’re talking about Boom: RoL, which is only 2 years old.

  3. “Worst Sonic game ever made”. I thought everyone gave 06 that title and even then I’m not sure, let’s see.

    3D Sonic game staples
    – three dimensional movement
    – the homing attack
    – the spin attack/spin dash
    – A boost type move
    – Speed based platforming
    – Large cast of characters
    – scripted spectacle sequences
    – incoherent to somewhat charming story
    – Sonic himself

    Sonic and the Secret Rings
    – Path based three dimensional movement
    – homing dash
    – a boost type move
    – speed based platforming
    – Key characters with personalities linked to in story characters
    – scripted spectacle sequences
    – somewhat coherent story
    – Sonic himself

    Fairly basic comparison, most of these are just gameplay elements which are fairly constant throughout the series. The bad thing I guess for most people is between the controls the story or both. The former I understand I guess but for any other game, learning and in turn mastering the controls is integral to the game too and part of the enjoyment. Story’s really down to preference I think. I know it’s not just the elements I’ve stated that make up Sonic but the general structure we’ve had the last 10 years (18 if we’re counting 3d games in general) is still there. I’m all for opinions and statements but reasoning’s good too. No hard feelings here though, what we like individually is up to us.

  4. Real talk, though. Bad Sonic games having great music is nothing new but the amount of diversity in Secret Rings’s soundtrack is insane.

    People like to harp on the vocals but I think, in some cases, the vocals are what elevate it from being just another Sonic soundtrack (heavy emphasis on “in some cases”).

  5. Secret Rings has one of my favorite levels in a Sonic game (Night Palace, of course) it’s too bad the segments where you have to slide through a wall avoiding rocks is so annoying. And I don’t mind the difficulty, it just feels out of place to drastically slow down and basically wait to be able to advance.

    Speaking of Advance, Chaos Angel is probably my favorite stage. By the way when I say favorite I’m largely referring to the art design/music and not specifically the gameplay.

  6. Confession time:

    This was my first Sonic game.

    My parents, though they owned an Atari 2600, were hesitant to buy a game console until the Wii came out. After seeing advertisements for the series, I decided to try out a game in its lineup. That led me into becoming the Sonic collector I am today. However, this wouldn’t be the last time my parents screwed me into getting notorious games – when they were scoping out Blu-Ray players, they bought a PS3 and decided to get me a Sonic game for it.

    Sonic ’06 was my second Sonic game.

    Looking back at it, I can tell why Secret Rings got me into the series (the characters and the presentation), but the gameplay is fairly stiff. It became ever worse when I revisited Sonic and the Black Knight, which I thought would age better despite actually aging far worse! The only things about that game I like are its soundtrack and King Arthur fight.

    Back on the topic at hand (with seven rings, of course)…

    The game still leaves an impact – its best music track (High and Broken) was placed on the 25th Anniversary Selection, Seven Rings in Hand would be eventually covered by Crush 40, and it was a prime example of gaming on the Wii (shortcomings and all).

    Oddly, I’d actually list it as worse than Sonic ’06. I have more fun playing the 15th anniversary train wreck and listening to its soundtrack than Secret Rings. However, that still doesn’t make it the worst game in the series (Rise of Lyric retired that trophy). Then again, this is just my opinion.

    1. You’re not alone on placing a sonic game worse THAN 06, SomeCallMeJohnny considers Shadow The Hedgehog (the game) to be worse than Sonic 06 because at least in Sonic 06 you can at least go to point A to point B in a main zone to complete the game, the soundtrack sounds good but the only songs memorable are Metropolis because you have to play through it 10 time and Sky Troops (I can remember Sky Troops because Sonic Melponterations- a mod for Sonic Generations -included the level), the controls are slippery and The Last Way doesn’t connect with any of the paths you chose. I respect your opinion because at least you don’t have to use motion controls with Sonic 06. My experience with Shadow The Hedgehog is on the PS2 because I didn’t have a gamecube back then, I completed it once and never touched it again until later. You see, one of my memory cards was glitched, I couldn’t save any more memory so I decided to delete a save file, I thought it did the trick but it didn’t work so I deleted a set of files and it still couldn’t save. and as you can guess the was the memory card that had my save file of Shadow The Hedgehog. I had to redo it again… only it took much MUCH more time to complete. I replayed the game years ago and had only completed it a year or two ago. I had a different PS2 by the time i started my second playthrough. I don’t know why but my PS2 kept hanging on the load times of the discs, yes you saw that right I did put an s in front of disc that was not a typo. I had to use multiple discs in order to complete the game. No it didn’t hang on every load time after a level OR hang after the final boss, thank god. That was the only game my PS2 hung on the load times by the way. I now hold a grudge on that PS2 now for doing that. I have completed both Sonic 06 and Shadow The Hedgehog but not Sonic And The Secret Rings, I don’t think I’m even close to beating it yet. I feel sorry for you that Sonic And The Secret Rings was your first sonic game and Sonic 06 was your second sonic game. I wish I knew what your third sonic game was.

      1. My third was Sonic 1 Master System on the Wii Virtual Console.

        And I do consider Shadow worse than ’06, but that’s probably due to me playing ’06 so much I’m used to the controls. I’m a fan of Johnny and even got my 360 copy of ’06 signed by him!

        (Yes, I have two copies of the game. I wanted to see if there was a definitive version.)

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