The Sonic Hotel Room is No More

You might remember that last year we brought you news that the Sonic ride at Alton Towers had closed down, well, re-themed and all traces of Sonic been removed from the park. Except for one area, the hotel room was still listed on their website and was still available for bookings.

However, checking the Alton Towers website today, it would appear that the Sonic Hotel Room has finally closed it’s doors forever.

The hotel room is no longer available to available to book and all traces of it have been removed from the official Alton Towers website. Alton Towers is currently closed for their annual yearly refurbishment and one of their on site hotels is also completely shut during this time, but the hotel which used to have the Sonic Room inside it is still open and you can make still make bookings to stay in it, but on their themed rooms page, Sonic is no longer listed.

If you never got to stay in the hotel room, or would like an idea as to what it was like, I was fortunate enough to stay there myself shortly after it opened, check out my tour video below.


Where you one of the lucky ones who got to “check out the consoles.”

Source: Alton Towers

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  1. Ah, the first time we ever heard Roger Craig Smith as Sonic…and we wondered who the heck that weirdo was voicing Sonic who wasn’t Jason Griffith. Good times.

    1. At the time, I thought he was going to be terrible as Sonic. But he’s really made the role into his own.

      1. Yeah, at first he sounded like an old guy trying to hard to sound like a cool surfer, he has improved ever since especially in the Sonic Boom cartoon, even if I don’t like it I think is where he sounds the best.

  2. Man so sad I never got to visited this place , first learned about this hotel /theme park from this website like 3 years ago

  3. either the Sonic room or the Smiler room will be re-purposed as the SW8 room when the time comes ~

  4. Aw man! Never got to stay in the room myself, but I was part of the SSMB Sonic Spinball pre-ride-opening staff trip, so I did get to at least peek inside. Kinda hoped one day I’d get to stay there myself though 🙁 Oh well. I’m surprised it stayed bookable for as long as it did after the ride was re-purposed.

  5. They just got rid of a potentially popular tourist attraction…. way to hurt your own business and make less money….

    1. Actually, it would probably do more harm to keep it open.

      The room was not in the best shape when I last saw it two years ago, the consoles were all out of date and the games were extremely out of date.

      Not to mention that the room was Sonic 4 themed which is insanely out of date.

      It’s all about strengthening the brand as much as possible.

      1. Yeah we got sent this news back in 2015… It took us 1 min of research to discover that it was a lie at worst, a hoax at best.

        Just look at the sources they used for one thing.

  6. CRAP! why did they have to take it down?! from fhe looks of it in the video it looks awesome! and while you are staying in there they even give you some sonic games to play! it’s really sad to see this go away :'(

  7. Dang! I had staying at the Sonic hotel room on my bucket list. Meh, looks like that’s not going to happen. LOL, I seriously I didn’t have it on my bucket list. I don’t even have one! If I did have a bucket list, it would be the #1 thing on my bucket list. I hope time travel happens. I’ll stay via time travel. Haha!

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