16bit Themed Sonic Figures Shown at London Toy Fair 2017

It’s Toy Fair time again! As January ends and February begins, London, New York and Germany all become host to major toy fair events. Being a trade show, these events show perspective retailers toys that will be on shelves throughout 2017.


Well, London Toy Fair ended a few days ago and… yeah there wasn’t much in terms of Sonic there, however London has never been that great in terms of Sonic content, New York and Germany are the ones to watch out for.

But saying that, Tomy did have a booth and we can confirm that they showed off some new Sonic toys!

First up we have some more Boom figures which look to be themed on an episode set in space. 

And we have our first image of the newly announced 16bit era mini figures, if you full size the image you can see a lot more details on it than it first appears.

I wasn’t a big fan of these when I first saw the image thumbnail, however if you view the full sized image there’s quite a lot of hidden details on them, so make sure you do that before you jump to conclusions. It also seems that there might be new comic book figure packs on the way as you can just make out a new one in the above image.

New York Toy Fair is in 3 weeks time, odds are we’ll see a lot more when that rolls into town.

Source: Twitter

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  1. The 16bit figures look a bit naff but hopefully they’ll finetune the paintjob on the final products.

    1. Unfortunately, the paint job they do for toy fairs is almost always the best they can do, and it’s guaranteed that the retail paint job will be much worse.

  2. I like how that Metal Sonic figure looks. I’m curious to see how it is up close and personal.

    The 16-bit ones on the other hand… eesh. Not a fan, sorry.

    1. since its already out – its pretty poor quality, they’ve given the metal one grey covering – its not shiney, the back is molded plastic with no colouring and the fine details have been skipped.
      just another example why they should have stuck with Jazewares or a company that cares.

  3. I saw some of the Tomy Sonic toys in a Toys R Us about a week ago…Sonic Boom, and the Classic figures. I had a hearty chuckle, albeit, it was a sad chuckle.

    They’re bad. …..They are BAD. They’re the ultimate example of how Toy Fair-quality prototypes don’t reflect the final product. Bad paint jobs (either smeared or not painted in the lines), cheap looking joints, the excess plastic hanging off the seems where the mould was filled…

    It’s just kinda sad. Not only are they just slightly-altered designs (or confusing approaches on) the same hand-full of characters, but it’s clear Tomy isn’t concerned with quality in the very least. They’re concerned with easy money, as with most children’s products. They’re disposable, and just not worth the time or cash of anyone over the age of 11…maybe 12?

    Don’t get me wrong….almost EVERY toy product ends up looking significantly worse than the prototypes they show at expos. It’s standard advertising to have picture-perfect models, and pristine paint jobs you will NEVER see once they go to retail. I am very well aware of this, having amassed HUNDREDS of figures from Sonic to Dragon Ball, to Assassin’s Creed, to Power Rangers…

    The fact is that if these are for a “collection” you’re working on, you need to give yourself a few minutes to mull over what you’d want displayed. These aren’t worth it…they’re garbage. And I won’t defend it just because it’s Sonic. Hold on to that money, hop online, and browse for some items more worthwhile. Treat yourself….don’t bog yourself down with this.

    1. Also we are allowed to buy whatever we want we don’t need someone as salty as you dictating us on why we shouldn’t buy some Sonic figures.

      1. You support what you wanna support. It’s not my money. But hey, if you think these are decent in any way, and not at all embarrassing to own in any capacity, all the power to you.

  4. Making the figures a non-pixelated shape and adding 16-bit printing on it just looks…weird.

  5. Tomy are such a let down, they had something good with Thomas the tank – and ruined it.
    Now they have Sonic and only put minimal effort in. That Metal Sonic is appauling, happy i have both Jazewares ones.

  6. Those 16-bit figures just look like they decided to give a previous classic figure a pixelated paint job. It mixes about as well as jalapenos and ice cream. Worse, it looks less like an intentional style and more like a terrible decal, especially on Knuckles. I can see what they were going with, but it looks pretty cheap.

    I haven’t picked up any Tomy merchandise, but it’s looked passable before. As with everything, I just hope it improves for the fans’ sake.

    1. Sadly, Tomy doesn’t make toys for fans. They make them for kids whose parents will buy them whatever. Then they release the same models, same characters, again and again with different paint jobs, and honestly….for Sonic Boom toys, they’ve already put in more effort than it’s worth.
      This is why I save up for the First4Figures statues. Those are worth the money, and have re-sale value.

  7. Depressing that Sonic has be trapped in this Tomy hole, Jazwares was really stepping up their game but no we had to lose that so we could have Sonic figures with less articulation than than the Toy Island trash. The pixelated figures don’t work as repaints if they made figures that were the old sprites in 3D figure from that would have been great but Tomy doesn’t do great they do mediocre at best happy meal fodder at worst.

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