Sonic & Tails Speed To The Build-A-Bear Factory

Is there no stopping this 25th Anniversary train? Apparently not, as SEGA has announced its first ever collaboration with custom teddy maker Build-A-Bear. Starting this weekend, you’ll be able to get a special Sonic or Tails-themed bear while stocks last.

For $35, you can take home the blue blur in bear form, complete with a gold ring accessory and a special art print from Sonic Team. Tails is available for $15 if you fancy getting some sidekick action.

If you just want to spice up a different bear you’re already building, you can also purchase a ‘Team Sonic’ t-shirt accessory that’s compatible with any other bear for $7. A Sonic-themed voice box is available for $7, which allows your bear to play the Special Stage music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

How cool is that? The plush toys and accessories are available from today online, according to Polygon, with in-store availability coming on December 3rd. Check out the gallery below.

UPDATE: Just after going to press, Sega’s Sonic Styles Instagram account confirmed that the bear will release in the UK later this month!

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    1. What about Amy? She would have to be a barefoot plush in panties and hairband and gloves (because nude is NO GOOD, when it comes to the Sonic Fanbase, and because that’s how it worked for the Honey Girls, but they also come with undershirts). And she could have two choices of outfit: Modern Red Dress or Sonic Boom Outfit.

  1. i do love me some sonic plush, but this looks like a plush of a sonic mascot costume, if that makes sense :S

  2. And this is when all sonic fans inner child start to lose it. I’m definitely going to get it day 1.

  3. The moment I saw this I was amazed Teddy Maker-A-Bear Sonic bear plushy & Tails bear plushy their freaking adorable from Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Celebration!

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