Sonic Talk Episode 40

For our 40th episode, we decided to treat you to an extra special episode by having NO Alex Peal! Yaaaay! (Alex is gonna kill me.) Instead, we have GX Echidna and Jason discussing Shin Godzilla, Skylanders Imaginators, Jason’s hands-on of  the Mario and Sonic Rio Olympics arcade machine, our opinions on Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice and much more!

Sorry about the lack of a title (no to mention how long it took me to edit this episode and get it out to you). I just couldn’t think of a good one this month. Should we keep out the punderful subtitles or do you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Well considering you were talking about Fire and Ice and it got a very meh reception (I hate it, personally), perhaps you could have titled this one “The Cold Shoulder”.

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