Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #288

We’re going back to the past for the newest comic arc!

The preview for Sonic the Hedgehog #288 has been released, and it continues the 25th anniversary throwback of Mega Drive and the Next Level with the start of a four-month classic-based arc! Relive the very origins of the franchise when this month’s issue takes a look back at the events of Sonic 1, with a little comic flavour sprinkled on.

But it’s not all about the game scene this time; you may also find a little insight into the Freedom Fighters in their early days, and maybe even threats lurking and waiting to strike once Eggman has been soundly defeated as per the end of the game! This is “Genesis of a Hero”: part 1.


STORY BY: Ian Flynn
ART BY: Terry Austin and Tracy Yardley
COLORS BY: Gabriel Cassata
LETTERS BY: John Workman
COVER BY: Genevieve FT and Patrick Spaziante
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
SONIC is BACK in “Genesis of a Hero” Part One: It’s Sonic’s 25th Anniversary and we’re celebrating in style—retro-style that is! See Sonic in his first climactic show-down with Dr. Eggman, straight from the gameplay of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game! But what happens after the battle? And what new force arises once the dust has settled? It’s the story you know with a new twist! Featuring cover art by the legendary Patrick Spaziante and a “Best Buds” variant by the lovely Genevieve FT!

Sonic the Hedgehog #288 is out November 9th, which is tomorrow. If you’re after more retro goodness for the 25th anniversary, you might to give this a look!


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    1. I totaly agree with this, soo much better, mega drive is good, but this one is on another level

      1. Not saying I disagree, because I haven’t gotten either issue, but what exactly is said here that makes this one so much better?

    2. Mostly because it’s not trying to pander to outside audiences like Mega Drive has been built to do and is trying to explain the origins of the new world. If this goes well, I wouldn’t mind recommending this as a starting point to non-fans interested in getting into Archie Sonic. It’s so simple – The classic games are the A-Side of the story and the comics are the B-Side that is obscured from history.

      That being said, I do hope this doesn’t become a thing. I fear with all the controversies and legal troubles, SEGA would be super tempted to just make a Classic Sonic ongoing and have it replace the main comic, and such a comic would just be unsustainable. Classic Sonic barely works as a mini-series, let alone an ongoing.

  1. They already did this story.

    Oh, and this ONE issue (connected to Archie’s current canon) isn’t enough to make me buy issues again.

    1. Freedom fighters in this? Gonna be a no for me. This aint gonna get anyone who didn’t like sonic Archie comics before this into it.

  2. I like Mega drive better but the world building in this great. I love classic sonic but use him wisely In both comics and games

  3. Will definitely pick this up. why can’t we get an animated show like this? maybe throw in the Freedom Fighters later on, just give them a classic style look.

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