UK Pre-orders Now Open For Sonic Mania Collectors Edition With Amazon

Pre-orders have now opened for the collectors edition of Sonic Mania, which opened its US pre-orders last month. The collectors edition includes a statue, a cartridge containing a gold ring, and a metallic collectors card which includes the game download code.


The box set is currently available for £79.99, with no date for release currently set.

Sonic Mania Collectors Edition Pre-order (PS4)
Sonic Mania Collectors Edition Pre-order (Xbox One)

Sega of America’s Aaron Webber announced the European Collector’s Edition on Monday, confirming that European users would get their hands on the hotly-anticipated release along with their North American counterparts.

The Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition comes packed with an impressive statue of Sonic on a Sega Mega Drive, standing at over 30cm. It also comes with a cast game cartridge that houses a beautiful golden ring, and a special Metallic Collector’s Card. (As you can probably guess, the gold ring isn’t literally made of real gold. Maybe next time.)

This limited Collector’s Edition is only available for a short time, so if you’re on the fence about ordering now or later, don’t miss out! We hope all our fans across Europe are excited to hear the news – because, quite frankly, we’re stoked to be bringing it to you, too!

[UPDATE 4 – Oct. 18] The CE is back in stock again, hopefully for good this time.
[UPDATE 3 – Oct. 17] The Collector’s Edition is now out of stock. As a note, this happened with the North American listing as well shortly after availability, so this may open up again in the near future.
[UPDATE 2 – Oct. 17] Pre orders have returned at Amazon, to coincide with the official announcement.
[UPDATE 1 – Oct. 16] Links to the pre-orders have been removed – we will keep you up-to-date when they return! Amazon is currently still honouring all orders placed.

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    1. Oh, wait, never mind, Amazon UK is pulling the same shit they did with the t-shirts. Why must you toy with our emotions so, Amazon?

  1. *Sees UK price* “£80?! You’ve gotta be pulling my leg.”

    *Sees Amazon America price and Gamestop price* “$69.99? Im going to America. Bye.”

    1. remember shipping costs, your looking at about 20-25 dollars so your basically paying nigh on £75-80.

  2. well that’s been taken down 🙁
    On the plus side the Sonic pack for Lego dimensions is on preorder for £20 at the moment.

  3. It’s been removed from Amazon UK now anyways, I have pre ordered mine but I’m hoping that they won’t now not fulfil the order just because someone at Amazon made a boo boo.

  4. The frig?! £80? Nah mate, no way.
    And only for xbox one and ps4…. that’s a shame too.

    Ah well, I’ll just buy it on Steam on release.

  5. they did the right thing by not marking the console as ‘genesis’ (us) or ‘megadrive’ (eu & jp). i need a PS4 or a Games capable PC :c

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