Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive Announced

Two at the same time? Your eyes are not being deceived!

As it turns out, The Next Level was not the only comic Archie covered in their newest press release; the final installment of Sonic Mega Drive’s story has been announced as Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive!


At the moment, we don’t have a full solicitation, but what Vincent Lovallo has revealed about it is that Sonic and his friends are on the hunt for the Chaos Emeralds to stop Dr Eggman’s Mega Drive weapon for good, and there’s bound to be hijinks along the way with 10 pages extra for the story! You can expect to see this around March¬†2017, so full details will likely be released in December.

Keep that party mood for the 25th anniversary going with these comic love letters to the old games, while you also wait for Sonic Mania’s release to arrive!

Source: Blastr

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  1. Wow, this came out of nowhere. Just so I don’t have to keep getting hyped, I hope this really is the last one. Can’t wait!

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