Nintendo Will Finally Preview the Long-Awaited NX Console Today

With a tentative release set for March 2017 and no official word from Nintendo about anything regarding their rumoured hybrid home-handheld system, the rumour-mill has spun on and on since early last year about the company’s fabled new console. Codenamed “NX,” the long wait has left fans of the company and the gaming industry with growing amounts of anticipation, excitement, and fatigue, but at last, the wait is finally over!

Come 3pm in the UK/7am Pacific Time/10am Eastern Time, a 3-minute preview trailer regarding the new system will go live, as Nintendo unexpectedly announced via Twitter.

Little is known about the NX, although it is known that patents have surfaced indicating a return to cartridges, that the system is powerful enough to run a game as massive as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and of course, that SEGA and Sonic Team’s own “Project Sonic 2017will arrive on the system in Holiday 2017.

Source: Nintendo

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  1. I’m not expecting any actual gameplay, but I’m so glad that we will finally be seeing the concept of the system….hopefully?! 😀

    1. If they’re really doing the console-handheld hybrid thing, I hope to god they go ALL OUT with the games. Because if it’s just that and they give a vauge half-ass anouncement like they did with the Wii U, people will not be pleased. Still have faith in Nintendo. Fingers crossed.

  2. Let’s see how it goes with Nintendo code name console or handheld the NX to see Nintendo real name new Console will be a successful a lot of people liking it they must do it for sure, tomorrow on time exactly!

  3. well after seeing the reveal of the Nintendo Switch – i wanna know why Sonic Mania is not on it… Its a powerful portable system – Classic Sonic games would fit really well on it.
    They cant say its not powerful enough because they showed it playing Skyrim.

    1. It’d be wiser to wait. It isn’t even 2017 yet and we don’t know what other (launch) titles are coming to the system. We’ll most likely get a direct or another trailer concerning certain titles.

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