Mash-Up Monday: Crisis City Remastered

Crisis City was once a shining and prosperous metropolis before Iblis was unleashed upon the world, and the immortal Flames of Disaster turned the city to ruin and brought all life in the world to its knees. The apocalyptic city appropriately set the tone for the rest of the plot in Sonic ’06, and not even it being wiped from canonical existence prevented its return in Sonic Generations five years later.

For today’s Mash-Up Monday, we take another look at the music of Crisis City across its ’06 and Generations incarnations, all composed and arranged by Tomoya Ohtani. YouTuber Aeon Eric already mashed the original, Classic, and Modern themes up together in the past, but a remastered edition was produced not long after. As a bonus, keener listeners might pick up on a Kingdom Hearts-related surprise towards the end of this mashup.

Check it out below!

What else is there to be said? Yoko Shimomura makes anything sound better. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t mind seeing her contribute her talents to a future Sonic game either – what do you think?

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  1. I saw the thumbnail for this article and had a split-second of *gasp* thinking maybe it had to do with Sonic 2017??

  2. That was beautiful. As both a Sonic and KH fan, it’s not often that I get to see my two favorite franchises cross over in a cohesive way in fan works. This seems to be a really fitting mashup choice, and same here, I’d totally love to see Shimomura compose some music for a Sonic game, she’s quite capable of making fairly fast-paced music, I’m surprised no one has tried mashing anything up like Byte Striking or Keyblade Cycle with any Sonic music, those are really good mashup contenders (plus we just need a good old fashioned Tron-esque digital zone again, it’s been a while).

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