Get into the Halloween Spirit with a Spooky New Sonic T-Shirt

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare – a scary t-shirt, that is!

Last month, SEGA got into the 25th anniversary spirit with a limited edition pair of official Sonic Mania tees, and with Halloween around the corner, a spooky new t-shirt is now up for grabs on Amazon US. The new piece of apparel features Sonic as he faces off against a thematically dapper Eggman on his Eggmobile with surrounding Bat-Brains.

The new tee has yet to surface on Amazon UK, but those in the States can nab a navy or asphalt-coloured shirt for $19.99 today.

Sonic Halloween Spirit Tee – Amazon US

Someday these will ship to Canada… Someday…

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