The SSMB is Hosting a Community Celebration Event with a “Sonic Musical Spectacular”

It’s been one year since the SSMB community stream channel “Motobug” was founded, hosting everything from movie nights to streams of Nintendo Directs and PlayStation Live, as well as marathons of old Sonic Saturday morning cartoons. To commemorate this occasion and to celebrate everything Sonic, SSMB, and Motobug, forum user and channel co-founder Ryannumberonegamer will be hosting a “Sonic Musical Spectacular” (unrelated to the TSS Blackout remix project by DJ EAR) this Saturday at 5pm GMT (1pm EDT)!

Check out his statement below, pulled from the SSMB thread:

So, for those who don’t know,  back at the end of July, Motobug finally had a massive milestone. 100 viewers all watching on stream, as we listen to Sonic music, watched the Sonic OVA, the debut of Sonic FriPM, and finally, the disastrous 25th Sonic party stream.  Despite it all, the 100 viewers made it fun to riff on all of the issues, and share in the exciting atmosphere of new game announcements, and more. Furthermore, it’s now Motobug’s 1st anniversary! To celebrate these milestones, I thought it was only fair to put The Blue Blur right in the center of the celebration, but we couldn’t have reached these milestones without all of you here on SSMB. That’s why we want to include you all in the celebration. Not only can you watch the celebration with us, but you can also have a participating role in the fun. It’s gonna be an celebration of SSMB in general!

You see, I’ve decided I wanted to remake the original Sonic Musical Spectacular I did for Sonic’s birthday. As much fun as it was, I seriously fucked up with it. It was spur of the moment, and I only picked songs I thought would be good, and I just don’t think that was fair, so because of that, I want to completely remake the spectacular for Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, and Motobug’s 100 Viewer Milestone, the 1st year anniversary of Motobug, and for SSMB in general. This is one of the biggest projects I’ve taken on, so I hope all of you will participate in the fun here. Motobug was built with SSMB’s members in mind, and even through some of the old staff is gone, myself, @The Deleter@Galabance and other admins have worked very hard to provide SSMB with private streams, and events for fun, so this is gonna be our biggest one to date.

So, what will the musical spectacular entail? It’s gonna be showing three to six songs from all of the mainline Sonic series, and some of the spinoffs, and this is where you come in SSMB! We’re gonna let you guys decide on the playlist for that day! It’s simple. Tell me which song is your favourite in a retrospective game, and It’ll be added to the list. It’ll be limited to three submissions per member per game (meaning you can only pick one song per game), due to the fact it’d be unfair to have a list complied from only a few members. So, pick a game, pick a song, and we’ll add it!

So anything else? Well yeah! As it’s a celebration of both Sonic, SSMB, and Motobug in general, we’re gonna be including @Tara‘s 25th Anniversary project as our opener (Because it’s a downright beautiful celebration of Sonic’s 25th, and it’s a community effort on SSMB’s part), and capping it off with a surprise video at the end! It will also feature a teaser for the plans after Sonic FriPM (which concludes just the day before), as well as a SSMB community thing I have planned. All and all, it should turn out to be fun for everyone!

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