Photoshop Contest, September 2016: Sonic Storybook Series

Sorry for the delay, good readers! As you likely noticed, the site went down for a brief spell today because goblins, so this couldn’t go up during a Freak-Out Friday on-time as planned. But hey, at least now we’re back on track!

During last week’s Mash-Up Monday, I proposed the idea of hosting a fun little photoshop contest here at The Sonic Stadium, and the response I received was absolutely bonkers. The theme was “Sonic Storybook,” based on the pair of Wii games that threw Sonic into the worlds of the Arabian Nights and King Arthur respectively, where you all had to throw together a box art with the idea of adding Sonic into a storybook of some kind. The best part of it? Just about anything goes. And you all answered in kind!

A lot of these entries went above and beyond my expectations, so it’s high time we show them off properly. Check them out below!


Before we get going, however, proper credit is to be given where credit is due for how this fun little contest came into existence. Last week’s Mash-Up Monday featured SilvaGunner’s “Shadow and the Snow Queen” high quality rip (which I’m probably still listening to as you’re reading this), with it being based on the Sonic/Frozen crossover that spawned from DeviantART user Ultimate-Xovers – the mock box art you see above was actually put together by him two years ago! You can check out his gallery for more information!

Now, let’s get this show on the road!



Artist: Diogenes


Artist: Stasis


Artist: Ayliffe


Artist: MegapiGroup


Artist: Re:Ganma 02


Artist: Marcello


Artist: CC14



Artist: Person

phc_s16_oldtractors_hogfatherArtist: Hogfather

HARD MODE: Sonic and the Call of Cthulhu by NeoZero


Hope you’ve all had fun with this! Don’t go too far just yet though, because we will definitely be doing this again sometime. Thank you all for participating, and hope to see you in the next TSS Photoshop Contest!

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  1. “Sonic: Beowulf”……
    Wow, I seriously just learned about that story a month ago in class… What a coincidence.
    Also, “Blaze and the Great Fire of London”…… That’s just dirty…

  2. Goodbye Moon is pretty clever.

    Although, I want to see the Chocolate Factory one. Preferably with Tails as Charlie and Eggman as the demented Willy Wonka, killing all the other kids.

  3. Thanks for featuring my Photoshop artwork! I am also impressed by the rest of the entries. Makes me want Sonic Team to make another storybook game.

  4. Agreed, the submissions were much better than I though! And these reminded me how I love this fanbase sense of humor (like in Blaze and the Great Fire of London LMAO).

    I may participate in the next one depending on the subject, perhaps photoshop posters for the Sonic movie?

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