Freak-Out Friday: Cobanermani456’s Sonic Unleashed Fail Compilation

The definition of insanity is “repeating the same actions over and over again while expecting different results,” so says some famous scientist of the previous century. However, such unyielding determination is to be commended, especially when one manages to succeed despite the odds after several attempts, but at what cost?

Such is the case for this week’s Freak-Out Friday, as we take a look at Let’s Player Cobanermani456’s 40 minute-long compilation of his Sonic Unleashed fails. No, we’re not talking about the base game here, my good readers – we’re talking about the incredibly unforgiving and unfairly difficult stages available via the DLC Adventure Packs, with death after death after death compiled into one glorious video with copious amounts of schadenfreude to delight yourself in. To our younger readers though, be warned, for there be lots of swearing!

That said, pull up a chair, grab some snacks and join in on Cobi’s suffering after the cut!

Be sure to subscribe to Cobi’s YouTube channel today, and check out his Mod Mondays, Smash Sundays, and Fan Game Fridays videos, as well as some of his Let’s Plays – he recently began a “Road to Sonic Mania” series where he’s playing through the classic Sonic games, as well as LakeFeperd’s Sonic After the Sequel. If you’re new to his videos, I personally recommend watching my favourite playthrough of his for a start, being Sonic and the Black Knight!

Found any other potential Sonic “Freak-Outs” out there on the web? Maybe you’d like to share one of your own creations? If so, you can reach us via any of the following to see your choice on the next Freak-Out Friday:

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  1. Cobi’s a pretty decent guy, which is nice to see in a fanbase infamous for *ahem* colorful personalities, as well as a break from the stereotype that every let’splayer must hate Sonic when they play any of his games *coughegoraptorcough*.

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