Sonic Mania Announced!

Just announced at Sonic’s 25th party, a new 2D game for the PS4, PC & Xbox One.

Christian Whitehead is behind the project along with Takashi Iizuka. The game is due Spring 2017.

Sonic, Tails & Knuckles are playable.

More details as we get it!

Edit: Because this is going live, we will update this with more information once we get time to go through everything.

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  1. It’ll most likely be a great game, but am I the only one who expected… you know, a bit more? Like a game on at least Generation’s scale?

      1. Guess I technically called it…? Yeah, no.

        Well, we got two promising games coming next year, with a pretty cool Lego Dimensions pack to tide us over until then!

  2. I’ve never been more disappointed in my entire life.

    Playing on nostalgia marketing doesn’t always work. We already had that as an anniversary marketing gimmick in 2011. If you really want to move the Sonic brand further, try something new.

    1. They did try “new” things and it all mostly flopped with bad reviews, they’ve been trying “new” things for a few years : “Heroes” “shadow the hedgehog” “sonic 06” “werehog” “Lost world gameplay” etc etc.

      Sonic’s finally returning to form and going back to what made the series great. yes it’s nostalgia but it’s mostly to celebrate the series is 25 years.

      Besides Classic Sonic got the most fav votes when they did a vote in 2011 for fav era.

  3. On the one hand…SEGA just made people wait for hours to reveal an officially licensed fan-game. A fucking fan game of all things.

    On the other hand…nobody is riotting and screaming bloody murder for SA3 and Christian Whitehead is living the dream. Good on him finally gaining some ground in SEGA.


    My hype has fallen down down down in the drain…

    Hope your happy, Classic Sonic fans.

    1. Pretty fucking happy.

      But don’t fret just yet, we still have more hours to go for the stream. They more than likely do have something else to announce.

  5. Wait guys. Remember they said the new project was Sonic Team. There is no Sonic Team logo on the trailer.

    Remember in the interview?

    1. Yeah, there’s still a few hours left, and there’s that mystery announcement. For them to have not made a new sonic game in several years, I’m pretty sure they’ve got a bigger project they’re waiting to reveal.

  6. THIS is the 25th anniversary game!? A 2d game that uses 16-bit graphics and looks like a fangame?

    I’m officially disappointed. I mean, it looks fun, but it feels like something that didn’t take a lot of effort to make. Pretty underwhelming after getting Generations for the 20th anniversary.

    Also, they didn’t even get the game timeline right. Heroes came out long after Colors.

    1. I’ll give them props for adding Tails and Knuckles as playable characters, though.

      1. “Heroes came out long after Colors”

        Argh, brainfart there. Meant to say “Heroes came out long BEFORE Colors”

    2. Please explain to me how they’re supposed to make a 16-bit-looking Sonic game without looking like a fangame.

  7. I still don’t get why people are mad. I think this is a great idea. Besides, as said in the stream, “This is only the first to come.” So don’t get disappointed now.

  8. Yeah, a bit disappointed considering how much they hyped and how long made us wait. This looks like some indie game any developer could make:/ and it esp sucks bc a bit later in the stream Jun walked off the stage after playing escape from the city and they played the intro to SA. A couple times it showed the audience, and like me, they seemed to be thinking, ‘no…it can’t be…’ as if it was SA3 coming up. But no. It was just Johnny about to come out and sing the song. Kinda shitty. Almost seems like a troll. Idk. SA3 obviously isn’t expected, but for a second…maybe.

  9. This looks absloutely amazing. If this is the only thing they have in store, I’d be down.

    However, I’m fairly certain it’s not.

  10. Jesus Christ you Sonic fanboys are pathetic, and impossible to please. You’re finally getting a new game that isn’t based off a God-awful cartoon and actually LOOKS like the classic games, and yet you are still disappointed. GG

  11. Everyone complains so much.

    Sonic Mania isn’t a Sonic Team game. Wait to see if they reveal whatever Sonic Team has been working on.

    Mania already looks a million times better than Sonic 4 though. I’m excited.

  12. So they basically un-cancelled Sonic 4: Episode 3 and are trying to make it not terrible? Sounds great to me! Can’t wait to see more.

    1. This is nothing like sonic 4, for this they seem to have gone right back to Genesis / Megadrive

      From the gameplay videos, the way Sonic moves, the physics, all seems true to the original.

      This is more like the true follow up to sonic Sonic & Knuckles, where we left off back in the ’90’s. Like I said before, for me the dream would be to get this title nice and solid in the gameplay department, keeping the physics / how sonic moves and responds and Sprite size true to the original Genesis games. Then build on that with follow up games having more detailed graphics and more colours

  13. Quite disappointed. Wanted a 3D Sonic with effort put into it but I guess that’s beyond their scope.

    This isn’t the big reveal, honestly if any of you had any sense before bashing it you would’ve known that this is a side game whilst the big main project was gonna be revealed later. Jeez some people jump to hating quickly. If anyone from Sega somehow see this, it looks great!

  15. I am so freaking hype about Sonic Mania polish well compared to Sonic Boom Fire & Ice for 3DS & I could see the trailer of Sonic Mania is a fastest new Sonic game finally in my opinion is the best thing they ever done is gonna be the best Sonic game finally is that I am going to stay as Sonic fan forever whew!

  16. finally, back to basics where we needed to go. I was a bit disappointed when I first saw this – What made sonic so great in the 90’s was the graphics were amazing together with the music and gameplay.
    I was hoping for a 2d game just like this, but with graphics and sound that make the most of today’s machines.

    After watching gameplay videos though, I’m excited now, they could step up the graphics and go more crisp, detailed, shiny hi res etc for sonic mania 2 if this sells well

    They need to make sure the physics are like the Genesis version, looks like they are, and focus on great level design and bosses

    This could save Sega

    1. It is, really excited if this is the start of an all new trilogy with the graphics getting better for each one, keeping focus on gameplay

      So glad they’ve got Christian whitehead leading the way

      Good times ahead!

  17. Just checked out the Studiopolis gameplay vid on YouTube, very excited now!
    The more I watch it the more I think they’ve nailed it

    Just what we needed

    A note to all the 3D fans, Sega are also releasing what appears to be a new 3D sonic in 2017, so it would appear they’re taking 2 paths to keep everyone happy


  18. Blast from the past incredible this game will help Sega from their mistakes it will be so much fun

    1. There’s a perception amongst some fans that 2D is outdated and cheap, and that 3D, being the way of the future, should be the main style for Sonic. There’s also fans who associate the 2D style with nostalgia pandering. While it is true that 2D games are cheaper to make, in exchange they are much harder to do right as they demand more detail and smooth animations to fit the specifications of modern consoles. Otherwise they look, at best, like cynical nostalgia pandering.

      I’d also like to point out that there’s no way a Sega Genesis in 1991 could have played Sonic Mania’s intro animation, or all of its soundtrack. There simply wouldn’t be enough memory for it, at least without getting rid of the game itself.

  19. They are going back to classic roots for this game and some people are STILL upset because it’s a 2D game and people are even calling it a “fan game.” Lol.

  20. So I guess this is our 25th anniversary game? I’ll take it!

    I am really impressed. And this is from somebody who personally finds the Classic games kind of boring– now, before you leap down my throat, I still think they’re really good games, its just that their level design can be really awkward sometimes, demanding blocky precision platforming on a physics engine not built for that but rather built around gaining and maintaining momentum. So with the exception of Sonic 3 (which I haven’t played a lot but have fond memories of playing it at a friend’s house), I personally don’t enjoy them very much. But Sonic Mania solves the design flaws of old, and on top of that has stunning animation and music almost as good as Sonic 3’s soundtrack. So I’m excited. Definitely excited. I think its safe to declare that the trend of Sonic anniversaries ending in the number being disastrous has finally been broken.

  21. Idiots. The Genesis Sonic games by today’s standards would be classed as indie games.

  22. Sonic 4 as we truly imagined it.

    Also really like how the island on the title screen’s made to look like actual Mode 7 graphics instead of just voxel or something.

  23. This looks good. Sure, it looks like a fangame, but a darn GOOD fangame. I’m looking forward to it.

  24. Why not just call Sonic Mania, Sonic 5 instead? Hell they could’ve did a lot of that stuff with Sonic 4.

  25. Megaman 9 and 10 used the same idea and those turned out great. So I don’t see why people are upset with this?

    Looking at the design and such, it looks like Sonic CD 2! I suspect this will live up to the same creativity and fun CD did.

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