Someone Has Already Mashed Up Sonic Mania With Justin Timberlake

We knew it was going to happen. We just weren’t prepared for how quickly it was going to happen. As you may know already, SEGA formally unveiled a new 2D adventure called Sonic Mania – and everyone’s been going crazy for it. Including, it seems, YouTube user DonkeyDude, who decided to mashup the theme from Studiopolis Zone with Justin Timberlake’s I Can’t Stop.

This is a Freakout Friday by any other name. Check it out via the video below. It… works surprisingly well.

“Sonic is saved, boi,” reads the video description. Indeed.

Via DonkeyDude

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  1. Oh god, this is too perfect. XD

    Forget Fresh Prince, can we just do mashups with JT in Sonic stages now? X)”

  2. I actually hadn’t listened to studiopolis’ music. It’s really good! Now I’m excited for the level musics too (though I should’ve been from the beginning).
    And may I say, the mashup works incredibly well!

  3. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but I should have known it’d be awesome. The Studiopolis theme has already become one of my favourite jams, but this mash up is awesome. Probably my new favourite JT/Sonic music ever!

  4. I really love he mixed Studiopolis with Justin Timberlake it sounds so beautiful & hallious he added Justin Timberlake image holding a banana scared himself in Sonic Manda Studiopolis Act 1 burh hahahahaha nice one DonkeyDude my boy!

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