Mutant Mudds developer wants to bring Sonic Mania to 3DS

While Sonic Mania has only been announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC so far, that doesn’t mean that some other developers in the industry wouldn’t mind bringing the game to other systems. One such developer is interested in doing a 3DS version of the game.

Enter Renegade Kid, specifically its founder Jools Watsham. Jools has taken to twitter to ask the Sonic twitter account itself that if they’re interested in a 3DS version of the game, he wishes to be the one to make it happen:

@sonic_hedgehog If you’re looking for a team to bring this stellar looking game to 3DS, please drop me a line.

Renegade Kid is no stranger to retro-inspired games. Having previously created games such as Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter, both of which are retro-inspired 2D platformers themselves. Both were specifically created for the 3DS before bring ported elsewhere.

And Jools himself even has origins from the famous Iguana Entertainment Austin studio, the studio famous for the N64 Turok games. Jools himself worked on the 3D platformer Vexx while he was there as Assistant Lead Designer, and did Additional Design on Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on the N64, among other roles.

Are you fans of Renegade Kid’s work? Would you be up for a 3DS version of Sonic Mania? let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Heck yeah I want Sonic Mania on 3DS!!! I know I’m already going to get the game on PS4, but I would love to take this game on the road with me. Who wouldn’t want to bring perfection in 16-bit Classic Sonic form on the road with them??

  2. Might as well make it Mobile? That way, anyone with a smart phone can play it on the road.

    1. Really companies need to work on competing AGAINST mobiles, giving people more reasons to own consoles, otherwise it’s murdering their own business in the long run if their games are on consoles AND mobiles.

      SEGA might profit either way, but partners, aka Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo will lose profits.

  3. Making this portable would be a good call, seeing how most of the classic series has been brought to handhelds in one form or another. Plus I’d really love to have the ability to play a good run on my home console and then compare that against my portable run. Also I’m hoping that it might mean we get a box and cartridge for it, though it might also be digital as well.

  4. Yes please, the 3DS is an awesome console and could bring the best portable experience for this game, could even bring the best experience for this game if it has 3D like Sonic 2.

    Also I hope Sega is still open to the possibility of making a Sonic Rush 3DS, I mean, if they are going to start putting more effort and development time on every main Sonic game they would need more help from 3D parties to fill in the time gaps where there is no Sonic Team game released, 3D parties like Christian Whitehead, Sanzaru, Sumo Digital and hopefully Dimps again.

      1. Dimps is (are?) pretty hit or miss with me. Sonic Advance 1, 3, Rush Adventure, and Colors DS are great games. Anything that isn’t those games are pretty dire though, to me anyway. I know everyone loves Sonic Advance 2, but it’s just boost pads and bottomless pits.

  5. Considering that I don’t have a PS4 or XBone, I’d really like a 3DS port. I just hope its a good port– the developers have the right pedigree, so that’s a good start.

  6. I would LOVE to see this on 3DS; The game already looks great as is, but in fall-in 3D (á la the M2 ports), it would look GORGEOUS.

  7. That’s so awesome of Jools to do. Hopefully the game isn’t too complex and SEGA are willing to make it happen. I wonder how many hoops they’ll make Renegade Kid jump through if so.

  8. This sounds like a great idea. I still wonder why it’s not on NX, though. Aside from it possibly coming out before the NX, therefor a port isn’t announced yet… I can’t muster a reason.

  9. Could somebody who was at the party explain what Madeon has to do with the anniversary? The audio cut out while the image was on the screen during the live stream, and his music want used in the trailers, so I’m confused

  10. PLEASE let this happen!! Meanwhile, I’m still pushing for #SonicManiaForNX ! No one should be left out of fun for the Sonic game so many people have been waiting for for many, many years.

  11. I’d like a 3DS port, but not from Renegade Kid. I’d rather they actually finish their existing games, like Treasurenauts, than wasting all their time trying to make a quick buck porting or remastering other games. Now, M2 would be a much better candidate.

    1. At least they’re willing to bring this game to people who play Mario and Pokemon titles. Did you hear a Wii U or NX version announced, because I sure didn’t.

      1. I feel like there will be an NX version at some point. It just really depends on how easy the NX is to port to. The Sonic Mania team consists of 6 people, and they really don’t have extra time to port a game to another system if that system is difficult to port to. I suppose we’ll find out more closer to launch.

  12. I would love this on 3ds. I always preferred portables to consoles and I play 2d sonic games on my 3ds constantly. The controls are so much more comfortable for me.=)

    I’d buy it in a second if they put it on there.

    Also it’d be nice for the 3ds gamers who don’t have consoles. There’s alot of people like that, that would be very happy with this.

  13. Why and how this is obviously being made for the consoles and pc. It even runs better and looks better than the originals in every way. Why downgrade the game to run on the 3ds which is several times over weaker than the ps4 and xbone and even many low specs pcs. Sega obviously had a reason to not put it on it. I would not mind a downgraded version but do not delay or downgrade the game just to run it on a 3ds.

    1. Ummmm, the retro engine can be ran on a very wide range of things. The 3DS can havens it no problem, and I’d love renegade kid to port the game, they’ve made some excellent 3DS games

    2. It’s quite clear that Sonic Mania is not going to require advanced hardware to run at its fullest

  14. umm, kind of pointless. taxman said the retro engine can be used on all platforms.

  15. Yes. Please make this happen sine I am not that really interested in investing into a PS4 or XBox 1. I love Sony (PS2 rocked), but I feel Nintendo makes games that I enjoy more.

  16. I don’t wanna Sonic Manda on New 3DS only just like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on New 3DS only & The Legend Of Zelda Majora Mask 3D on New 3DS only I just don’t wanna happen with Sonic Manda on New 3DS only will be bad! All of us just want Sonic Manda on 3DS 2DS then New 3DS will be hype plus amazing as well!

  17. If Sonic Mania were to be ported to a handheld, I’d pick the PS Vita rather than the 3DS, and I’d have WayForward Technologies (the creators of Shantae and the Mighty series) port it.

    1. I’ve just thought, the most likely partnership to port the game to Nintendo hardware would be GalaxyTrail. Freedom Planet. That would really complete the made by the fans circle.

  18. Fun fact Sonic Manda gameplay is actually similar to Sonic CD gameplay not Sonic 3 gameplay a lot honestly you could describe that easily in a trailer. Sonic Manda is Sonic CD sequel nah just joking lol hahaha is different than the other Sonic games!

  19. Not a 3DS user, but that would be the smart thing to do. The Mutant Mudds port on the 3DS (from what I’ve played) was on point, and bringing Mania to the 3DS, a platform where 2D platformers and retro-styled games flourish, would be the wise move and will worth the investment for the install base of the 3DS , which I’ll go on a limb here and say a sizable chunck (if not a majority of them) have played or have been / are Sonic fans.

  20. Please please please.

    2D platformers are fantastic on handhelds. I would have really wanted this game on a portable console as opposed to a TV console.

    I would prefer the Vita but if these guys think they can make a competent 3DS version then let ’em.

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