Comic Preview: Sonic Universe #87

The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in the Master Emerald hunt!

Sonic Universe #87 is coming out next week, and the preview has been released. The Shattered World Crisis is close to being resolved…which means Knuckles has to go even faster if he wants to save Angel Island! With Amy along for the ride as well, they’re both working to find those remaining lost shards.

But this quest is more than just a treasure hunt. With dangers ahead, the unknown to explore and the stakes being so high, our unlikely duo is bound to run into trouble at one point or another, whether from the search or the people they encounter! This is “Shattered”: part 1.


(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jim Amash, Adam Bryce Thomas (CA) Tracy Yardley
“Shattered,” Part One. A brand new adventure starring Knuckles and Amy Rose begins here! It’s a race against time to find the final Master Emerald shards before Sonic restores the shattered world! The final installment of Knuckles’s search, filled with dangers and mysteries, starts with this issue! Featuring cover art by the terrific Tracy Yardley plus an “& Knuckles” variant by CG artist supreme Rafa Knight!
Item Code: MAR161095 In Shops: 7/13/2016 SRP: $3.99

Sonic Universe #87 is due out on July 13th, which is next Wednesday. Pick it up if you don’t want to miss out on Knuckles finally getting beyond the conjunction!

Source: Comic Vine


      1. Amy’s line of “deja vu”. In the beginning of Worlds Unite, Sonic saved that exact same bird at the exact same place and said the exact same line as Knuckles.

  1. …. UGHHH. The comics get Knuckles so well! I hope he acts like this in the upcoming games so bad. This is the Knuckles I know! I’m not even a super huge Knuckles fan, but I love how he’s written in the comics, and I’m happy to see him get yet another good bit of page time.

    Again, I think that the recent take on Knuckles should stay in Sonic Boom. Even in the main games, Knuckles has been kind of the butt of every joke, and doesn’t do anything other than boast about how much better he is than Sonic… despite looking like a loser in each game past about… Sonic Heroes, maybe. I think Knuckles is a really funny character in Sonic Boom, but it feels really bothersome to have him act so lame in the main titles. I want him to be involved like he is here. I want him to still have his hard-headed moments like he did in the older games. I want him to be cool again.

    1. Couldn’t agree more and yeah that’s a problem that comes even before Sonic Colors, with a few exceptions like Sonic Chronicles in where Knuckles is exactly as he should be.

      Though for some reason he doesn’t look as much of an idiot in Sonic Runners, actually he’s taken seriously in that game and is recognized as the guardian of Angel Island and the Master Emerald, a martial arts master and a treasure hunter, hope is a sign of better things to come for Knux.

      1. Oh yeah, forgot about Runners. I don’t quite count mobile games much, but I do agree, he was actually pretty alright in that.

  2. Loving the art of this issue! Also the writing of the characters! Why can’t we have this in the main games, seriously? Is still too dark and edgy?

  3. I bought and read the issue today and I think it’s off to a really interesting start. Though, I hope the art improves a little in the next issues.

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