Sonic Can Spin Attack Daleks In Lego Dimensions, Teaser Tomorrow… “Maybe”

Mark Warburton, who happens to be a producer at Travellers Tales on Lego Dimensions has made a series of tweets with regards to Sonic which both casts light onto what Sonic can actually do in the game as well as teases a possible trailer or reveal for Sonic in Lego Dimensions too.

The first tweet specifically mentions that in the Doctor Who stages, Sonic will spin attack Daleks, if you don’t know what a Dalek is, it’s basically a badnik with a mutant alien inside… who wants to destroy you.

Then in a response to another twitter user who asked about the possibility of a teaser for Sonic’s 25th, Warburton didn’t exactly say it wouldn’t happen.

So there we go, Sonic attacking Daleks and a possible teaser coming tomorrow. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be sat over here deciding which of these Sonic Screwdriver related puns will go into tomorrows article if the above happens.


  1. Eh, that’s not really news… Any playable character can attack Daleks…

    1. Anyone can kill a Dalek, but for some reason the Aperture turrets are indestructible grumble grumble.

    1. Well, rumors point to Sonic being a Level Pack. Even if he’s not, the Tornado has been confirmed, through a promotional banner they released.

    2. It’s sonic. He has to have a level. I doubt he can talk about it yet.
      Tornado was shown in artwork, so I imagine accessories will be the case as well.

  2. Maybe the teaser will showcase how Sonic attacks, and if he’s getting a Level Pack, Story Pack, Fun Pack or Team Pack. Maybe Sonic can be like the Ghostbusters, and when you have his figure on there, you can switch between him, Tails or Knuckles. Or if Sonic’s level will only be a Story Mode level.

  3. At long last. The Sonic Screwdriver puns…they may begin… X)”

    Lol, I never thought I’d see the day where I can finally play as Sonic alongside Doctor Who, Batman, Homer Simpson, and Marty McFly. FanFiction.Net couldn’t come up with something this crazy. X)””

  4. This is neat, but probably anyone could have guessed. This isnt Smash, Fighters, or Battle, so Sonics not punching or kicking. He can probablely homing attack and spindash aswell.

  5. My prediction is that we’ll only get a fun pack with Sonic and the Tornado. But we might get a level pack with them and the Egg Mobile or the Master Emerald, or maybe even a team pack with Tails.

    Well, no matter what, we’ll be getting a Sonic Freeroam world!

  6. Sonic should have super peel out ability or boost ability in Lego Dimensions.

  7. This just might have one of the more surreal names for an article I have seen in a long time. The concept itself is insanely surreal. How is any of this real life.

  8. So, uh… No teaser, I guess? Dang, I was looking forward to it. It might just be running late, but I’m not too sure anymore.

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