Sonic 25th Anniversary Joypolis Party To Be Live-streamed!

Can’t make it to Joypolis for their Sonic 25th Anniversary party? Well don’t worry because Sega has you covered! Sega has announced that it will be livestreaming the event on youtube and other media services.

The official event page for the party has confirmed the details, on June 23rd the event will be broadcast via the following services

  • YouTube:
  • Nico live broadcast:
  • AbemaTV FRESH!:

This is the first time that Sega has chosen to livestream their Joypolis Sonic event, so hopefully there will be some exciting announcements.

Source: Sonic Channel


  1. Glad to hear that! If Sega don’t reveal anything at E3 is almost a safe bet they will do at joyopolis, hope we get some updates of the movie as well.

    1. *I just realized the party already happened…………………………………

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