DropDead X Sonic Clothing Review

For those of you who do not know, British fashion label DropDead released an brand new line of clothing in collaboration with SEGA to mark Sonic The Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary.

Since this range is something slightly different to the usual more “tween” approach we have seen recently around Sonic Boom, I decided to pick up a couple of items and open them with you guys to see my honest reaction to what these guys are offering!

Are you interested in the range, or maybe you have purchased something yourself? Let us know in the comments!



    1. It seems like for the 25 anniversary all they want to release is only classic merchandise. I have to agree to be honest. I just prefer Modern Tails.

      But I am grateful. Not being hateful towards this as I can appreciate it 🙂

  1. Not a bad line of clothes, but nothing that stands out as a must have (well, except those Sonic shoe slippers I saw online, but they were sold out last I checked 🙁 ). It seems a lot of others are happy with the line, so that’s good.

  2. DropDead x Sonic

    Drop Dead Sonic

    Guy doing face palm in video picture and looking at himself like “what am I wearing?”

    …Now that’s just cruel. In a funny Webber-esque kind of way.

  3. Some of these are pretty cool.. But some of the prices suck!
    30 British Pound is $53 Canadian. I really would like the Power Sneakers when they come back in stock, but $53 for plush slippers?!

    I’m someone who goes barefoot around the house, I’ve always said I’d totally wear slippers if they were power shoes, but come on…

    The only other thing I mainly think is cool is the Back Pack.. It’s a shame the reviewer didn’t go into detail what the material is. I mean if it’s real leather, i can understand the bag costing $70 Cad… Otherwise, I’ll just stick with my cloth Sonic messenger..

    1. What do you expect? You’re surprised about how SEGA prices things after Sonic Runners?

      When it comes to money, you need a new word because greed just doesn’t cover it.

  4. Each item comes with a Chaos Emerald. Hope they don’t screw me over and send multiples of the same color instead of (at least) one each.

  5. I got the Eggman bucket hat as a prize in the costume contest at the 25th anniversary party at Comic Con, and it’s freaking fab. Though I agree that the price range is a bit higher than what most Sonic fans would want to pay, I think it’s important to remember that this is a fashion brand. Prices are higher because the quality is higher. If I wasn’t broke from Comic Con I’d probably be buying more.

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