Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #283

The plan is afoot in this month’s Sonic the Hedgehog issue!

The preview for Sonic the Hedgehog #283 has been released, and this is a very strategic play if I may say so myself! The Freedom Fighters have the Gaia Keys and Chaos Emeralds, and now they’ve got a plan.

Sonic and Sally rally the other heroes into action, determined to fix the planet once and for all. Meanwhile, Cream has her own errands to run for the plan to succeed! This is all in “The Mission”. But don’t think for one second that Eggman is blind to all this; with Tails Doll providing key secret intelligence and Phage tracked down after her last failure, it’s time for him to hatch his own scheme. He might just have what he needs to stop the heroes in their tracks in “Zero Hour”.


Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Jamal Peppers, Jennifer Hernandez, Terry Austin, John Workman & Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Diana Skelly
Variant Cover: Adam Bryce Thomas, Gary Martin & Gabriel Cassata
SONIC and the FREEDOM FIGHTERS are GO in “The Mission”: Sonic and Sally put out the call to the world! They have the Chaos Emeralds, they have the Gaia Keys, and now they have a plan! And the central hero to it all is… Cream?! Then, in “Zero Hour,” Dr. Eggman finally tracks down Phage! And when Tails Doll gives the mad doctor some crucial info, will Sonic’s plans for saving the world fall apart? Featuring cover art by the delightful Diana Skelly and a “GUARDIANS” variant cover by the amazing Adam Bryce Thomas!
On Sale Date: 6/29
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Sonic the Hedgehog #283 is due out next Wednesday on June 29th. However, it also got a slight release two days ago via the Humble Sonic Comic Bundle deals. Either way, enjoy the calm before the storm!

Source: Comics Alliance


  1. About time Cream had sone time to shine. Now if only she and other Sonic characters were playable in the next game…

      1. They’re probably going to go with it for a while. But eventually, they’ll have to tell them the truth about Nephthys and the real reason they became freedom fighters.

  2. looks cool… but i think this could have looked a lot better with Diana Skelly doing the pencils for this issue ^_^U

  3. The best cover in the entire reboot…..tied down with an issue entirely made of setup.

    Way to drop the ball Archie…or maybe they where smart, and created such a dynamic cover to lure in potential readers to an otherwise boring issue?

    Either way, a waste of a good cover. I hope this gets turned into a poster one day.

  4. I wish I had money to purchase all the comics. The “trolling G.U.N” line was gold.

  5. “I have trolled the G.U.N. email servers.
    All G.U.N. personnel have been contacted by a fabricated Prince of Mazuri”
    Nice real-world referencing there, Mr Flynn. XD

  6. I wonder how long it will take until Sonic and his friends realize they’re being spyed on by Tails Doll.

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