Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #282

Knock knock. Who’s there? June’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic!

Sonic the Hedgehog #282 is firing up on the horizon, and the preview for it has been released! First up, it’s déjà vu for Sonic as he comes face to face with the Dark Gaia-corrupted phoenix. It’s a moonlit battle to restore this revered bird back to its natural state!

But that’s not all Sonic has to worry about; he may have the Freedom Fighters and Dulcy’s group fighting with him, but Conquering Storm is bringing her army in to make it a three way tussle in “Wings of Fire”: part 2.

Then, Thunderbolt is looking to impress her crush once again with a new plan; to secure the local Master Emerald shard. But it’s hardly going to be a stroll down lover’s lane when Knuckles arrives to claim it, and he’s got Amy, Mighty and Ray to help him power through her forces! This is “Shards and Sparks”.


(W) Ian Flynn (A) Terry Austin & Various (CA) Tyson Hesse
“Wings of Fire,” Part 2. When Sonic was infected with the Dark Gaia energy, he nearly all lost control of his mutant Werehog form. So what happens when an ancient and powerful phoenix gets turned to the dark side? It’s a three-way battle as Sonic and Dulcy’s teams battle for their lives against the Dark Gaia Phoenix and Egg Army! Then, in “Shards and Sparks,” Knuckles and Mighty reunite to take on Egg Boss Thunderbolt! Featuring cover art by the terrific Tyson Hesse and a spooky “Horror Movie” variant by the mega-talented T. Rex!
Item Code: DEC151016 In Shops: 6/8/2016 SRP: $3.99

Sonic the Hedgehog #282 is due out June 8th, which is next Wednesday. It’ll be a riot of mythological proportions!

Source: Comic Vine

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  1. Having just read through the comics, it feels odd that there’s no Sonic + Sally relationship. Sure, it went overboard sometimes before the reboot, but now they’re completely platonic ever since they forgot the old world.

    1. Agree, I’m not a very big fan of romance or “shipping” but it was nice when Sonic had a meaningful moment with Sally (or with any other love interest), it would be cool to at least bring those moments and hints back, when done right they really felt like they really gave the characters more depth and emotion.

      Also in my opinion Sonic shouldn’t be restricted to Sally or Amy, he could very well have a crush with other girls (old or new), after all Sonic is kind of a womanizer and a crush or relationship doesn’t have to last forever nor take more than 3 or 4 panels in each issue to develop.

      1. “after all Sonic is kind of a womanizer and a crush or relationship doesn’t have to last forever nor take more than 3 or 4 panels in each issue to develop.”

        So you want Sonic to be a man whore who can worm his way into a girls pants in just four panels?

        1. No….that be physically impossible, even for someone as fast as Sonic. Maybe he can build a harem within 4 panels, but go all the way? Nope, even Sonic has limits.

          Plus, think about it: When you get in bed with a pretty little thang, do you REEALLLY want to be known as “The FASTEST Thing alive”?

      2. You realise Sonic being a womaniser was only really due to Archie being obsessed with shoving him into love dodecohedrons.

    2. Sonic contractually obligated by SEGA not to have a girlfriend or any type of romantic interest. It works out for him in a way, as it lets him flirt with with any girl he wants while avoiding anything like a serious relationship or commitment that can hamper his free-spirited nature.

      Unfortunately, he is also contractually obligated to have Amy as his official stalker. Sally is lucky enough just to be his good friend.

      1. Well, Sega leaves many hints that show Sonic has strong, yet reserved feelings for Amy. They just don’t want Sonic to be officially dating Amy. They’d rather have Amy forever pursuing Sonic, and having Sonic hiding his feelings. But even in spin offs and tv shows, Sega has permitted many hints and even confirmations to Sonic’s feelings for Amy, as seen in Sonic X, Sonic Chronicles (optional), and especially in Sonic Boom.

        1. Out of all the media you listed, SEGA only acknowledges the existence of one. Can you guess which one? HINT: It’s the one everyone doesn’t like.

          Those other two are as not-canon as Sonally in SatAM and SoniSara in OVA, so those points are no longer relevant towards hinting at Sonic’s potential relationship with Amy. Maybe he does have feelings, but I doubt he is all lovey-dovey and shy about them, maybe he’s just too proud to admit it or he’s worried about his cool reputation.

          1. What I found funny in Sonic & The Black Knight is that when Sonic sees the lady of the lake for the firts time (which is Amy from that reality) Sonic is about to run away but as soon as he discovers she is not the real Amy and she just looks like her he starts talking and flirting with her XD

          2. Not entirely true, because Sonic 06 hinted that Sonic loves Amy as well, since the love test scenes has no wrong answers. The test of love showed Sonic visions of who he loves, and he had to pick which one he loved more. The fact that Amy was an option with no wrong answer, is proof that he does have feelings for her. Also, keep in mind that in the end, time got reset, wiping out Sonic’s encounter with Elise, which hints that Amy is still Sonic’s love interest. Now that Elise is out of Sonic’s life, that means his only love at the moment is Amy.

            I agree that Sonic shouldn’t have a lovey dovey relationship, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Sonic and Amy have better chemistry in future games. Just to see them hanging out, or having friendly competitions would be fine by me.

        2. Of all of these I only really take Sonic Unleashed with you being able to agree to take Amy on a date, and SaTBk with Sonic possibly flirting with Nimue, as ship-teasing/hints that Sonic is romantically interested in Amy.
          Sonic X is different continuity, so is Boom. And the asinine Sonic 06 minigames are…well, asinine Sonic 06 minigames also 06’s place in canon is questionable. I 100% refuse to see Chronicles as canon.

          That said even Sonic Team don’t seem quite sure whether they want him to be romantically interested in Amy or not, in other games he basically exudes “Not interested”.

    3. I’ll agree that it’s pretty odd seeing Sally as just a friend (and nothing really past it)… but I think FalconKick has a good point. Having Sonic out of a serious relationship lets him be more free and allows him to have little moments with other characters still, but without making the comics suddenly more melodramatic. It also leaves a bit more of a speculation to some people about Sonic’s actual love interest… if any.

      1. I also agree with Falconkick, I think I’m just a little upset about all the limitations Sega is putting on Sonic and the other main characters, it makes it a little less exciting when you know these characters will never fall in love, that Sonic will never cry and that for the most part they will play it very safe with these characters, since the reboot there are several times that make me feel the supportive cast is more interesting than the mind cast for the kind of stories and hardships the deal with.

        1. That is ALSO true. I hope in the future there’s more to do with the main characters in the comics. On one hand, I like how much more they reflect the video games than they did previously. On the other hand, that can also make it more predictable and safe, especially with characters like Sonic and Amy.

  2. These stories look very fun to read, also the end of the shattered world crisis is coming to an end, I can’t wait to read these!

  3. I only want this issue because of the prelude to Shattered.

    I’m getting way too excited for that Story Arc.

  4. Good fucking god, that’s Dulcy?

    How… why did they give her an even more vomit inducing design?

  5. I do find it kind of shame all the fat characters are being redesigned not-fat, like why?

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