Sonic Plush Slippers Coming Soon!

This is an item which has been in and out of concept stages for years, but it looks like it might actually get released! GE Entertainment has posted several new Sonic items to their website including some Sonic plush slippers! See an image of the thing after the jump.

As usual with these, no details about pricing, release date or size were issued. We’ll keep you updated with more as we get it.

Source: GE Entertainment

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  1. Like TheHumbleFellow said best, I’m not usually into slippers but these are an exception!

    1. Well, the past slippers were even better. They were Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

  2. I have now realized the reason I wake up in the morning. Before I die, I must purchase these slippers.

  3. So cute! I already have the Sonic slippers and the Tails slippers, but I want this in my collection too. 🙂

  4. Holly crap I wanted to describe this Sonic Slippers plush aka Sonic Speed Shoes this is awesome in real life to see Sonic fans have a Sonic Slippers plush of shoes going to restaurant park farmers market & more! To not take a planes trains bus then boats you just using Sonic Slippers Plush to traveled Mexico Texas or LasVegas taking this shoes with you like a speed of sound also gotta go fast running this shoes forever is my favourite to see anyone’s reactions to get this Sonic Slippers plush so bad to just shut up take my money to buy me some Sonic Plush Slippers right now!!!

    1. You probably can’t even get them from a store. The only place you could probably get them is Ebay or Amazon.

  5. Everybody says: “I hope they have them in adult sizes” what about kids sizes? Because half of the Sonic things I want are for adults…………………………………

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