Sonic Boom Coming to US Hulu This Month

Sonic Boom will be made available for streaming in the US as a Hulu exclusive later this month. This will put an end to the show’s strange absence from digital services, which has made it notoriously difficult to watch legally for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the show on TV.


This comes just a week after Aaron Webber announced that SEGA would begin pursuing takedowns of uploaded episodes on YouTube. Hulu’s exclusivity deal, which was revealed earlier this year, specifically covers the show’s SVOD (subscription video on demand) rights in the US, meaning that American Netflix subscribers are out of luck. It is currently unknown how this exclusivity will effect non-subscription video on demand services like iTunes. The show’s entire first season will be available in both English and Spanish. Anyone who wants to watch these episodes will need a Hulu subscription, which starts at $8 a month.

Sonic Boom will be returning with a new season this fall.

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  1. Good to hear! I knew from the previous news it was supposed to be sometime in the spring. Just didn’t figure it would be late spring.

  2. “The Sonic Boom series, consistently ranked as the #1 or #2 telecast in its time period on Cartoon Network in the U.S. for Boys 6-11, 9-14, and Kids 9-14 (Ratings Source Information: Nielsen Media Research Reflects Live+7 (through 11/08/14 to 11/14/15), and was the #1 show for kids, all boys, housewives with kids, and all girls on Boomerang in the UK during its launch month. A true global hit, the series also performs exceptionally well on both Gulli and Canal J in France, and the program ranks #1 on Cartoon Network Australia among boys 5-12, boys 5-9 and boys 10-12, #1 on Cartoon Network Taiwan among boys 10-14, #1 on Cartoon Network Philippines among boys 4-9, and #1 on Cartoon Network Malaysia among boys 4-14, boys 4-9, kids 4-14, kids 10-14 and girls 10-14. The series is rolling out to 100 countries this year, furthering exposure for the franchise and building affinity with consumers.”

    So uh, who are the delusional people who are still convinced that this show was a failure? Because that sounds like the exact opposite and also this, blows my mind:

    “Top-rated episodes have been selected for screenings at the second annual Animation Day in Cannes, the 2016 TROMAnimation Festival in Brooklyn, New York, the 2016 Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation which includes screenings at San Diego Comic-Con as well as the Annecy Animation Festival in France, the Kids First! Film Festival that will travel across the United States and the Karelian Children’s Film Festival in Russia.”

    A SONIC CARTOON, of all things, is going to be shown at animation festivals and events. Shouldn’t we take a second and just give the congrats to Boom to do something that no other Sonic cartoon (or any video game cartoon, maybe Pokemon) has done before?

    NOW can Cartoon Network advertise this show properly when the second season airs?

    1. Yeah, it’s one thing to just not like the show, but it’s another thing to say that it’s a failure.

      Too many people don’t know the difference these days…

    2. Sonic X got a lot of viewings. But no one liked it (you know what I mean). And look at it now, noone gives a crap about that show. Same thing will happen to Boom…

      1. Actually a lot of people gave a crap about Sonic X. Its one of the most popular Sonic shows to do fanfics about, and people tend to cite it as what Sonic should strive for. Plus if nobody liked it, nobody would have watched it. How do I know that? Sonic Underground, a show that actually fits the description of almost nobody liking it then and almost nobody caring about it now. It didn’t get three seasons like X, or reairings years after it concluded, or a DVD also released years after it concluded– it was cancelled before the first one could even finish because very few wanted to watch it and it was thus unprofitable to air once, let alone reair or make DVD rereleases.

        Do I like X? No, not at all. But to paraphrase Hero, its one thing to not like the show and another thing to say that its a failure when the evidence doesn’t point it to being such. That goes with Boom as much as it goes with X.

        1. Fanfics? What are we all 12 still? X was horrible. Granted if they removed chris and nearly the all the human cast *have humans just not a main cast* the show would have been eons better. And season 3 was butchered from its original telling.

          1. Wait, where did I say that I liked Sonic X? Because I don’t. Its my second least favorite Sonic show, in fact. But that has no bearing on its popularity.

            Also, I used the fanfic thing as an example of how people do still care about the show. Because if nobody cared about the show as Alienrun said, nobody would want to write about it, then or now. I don’t see what age has to do with any of that.

        2. Mad Convoy because of season 1 is our favorite the storys is better & more season 2 is a awesome season & also season 3 is a horrible season everyone don’t wanna watch that anymore season 3! Because it has a lot of spoliers of Star Wars references there I recommend you watch season 1 & Season 2 Sonic X you will have a awesome time watching it a lot to have yourself fun to enjoy it!

      2. “No one liked it” is a pretty ridiculous thing to say. That show was and still is the most successful Sonic show to date whether people like it or not. It ran and re-ran for 11 years past it’s last episode and was never taken off because it’s ratings remained consistent. When 4kids was going downhill, they had to rely on replaying Sonic X for an hour in their time slot as well as whatever the next Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon they were dubbing to keep themselves afloat before their ship sunk.

      1. Then clearly those people need to lighten up and take the to appreciate the good stuff. We have a respectably good show that has been officially stated to be a pretty big hit and is going to be shown in big events. If their argument is a as petty as “well Sonic isn’t a comedy” then those people need to break out of their Bubble Shields.

  3. Wow. I wish I had HULU…

    But its still pretty exciting. It would be a good case study on how much the bad timeslot of the show affects how many people watch it, assuming that Sega isn’t just gathering ratings data from the television airings of the show.

    1. Yes, it was used at a previous event showcasing Sonic Boom. I don’t remember which one, but it was reported here.

  4. I don’t think this reaches to everyone (it might not be in the UK but I don’t know), but IO (or Optimum or cablevision, whichever one works best) has had Sonic Boom on its Free On Demand service since the show first began airing. It’s very convenient, I wish more people could take advantage of it.

    1. Yeah, but since it’s free on demand, the episodes are cycled through a specific order so if you want to watch it from the beggining, your better bet is Hulu. Luckily, Boom is not one of those shows you need to watch sequentially.

  5. Seriously? Why not just put it on Netflix, that’ll get it more views. I hardly know most people (in my life mind you) that even use Hulu, at least Netflix has some mileage. Plus, Netflix could certainly use more Sonic, with Underground being the only thing it has rights to at the moment.

    Still, this is a nice new piece of promotional art at least.

  6. I like the show so that’s good news. Still more of a fan of the Japanese Sonic X (even if I’m more in tune with how many problems that show has now that I’m older).

    I will say that even though I do like Boom, I still kind of wish it had just been a show that was more centered on the games. But all of the Sonic shows are a variation of something.

  7. Hey guys I’m taking a dump! Just thought I let you know since bigger crap is being announced.

    1. Dude, it’s fine to have opinions, but it’s also beneficial to have some taste with your jokes too. 😛

  8. I can’t wait to watch Sonic Boom on Hulu in a future. Is that I can’t wait also to watch Sonic Boom season 2 of Cartoon Network or watch it on online of internet.

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