Meme Watch: Sega is Making a Game, Probably About Sonic

It’s hard not to pay attention to SEGA’s official Sonic the Hedgehog social media channels when it looks like the poor bloke running it is having a meltdown every day. In today’s episode of Meme Watch, we see the Sonic Tumblr account drop some crazy clues regarding a game that SEGA may (or may not) be making.

Or maybe there are no clues here at all and we’re getting spun into a web of deception. Such is the fun of Meme Watch! If only we had Ken Balough to make sense of any of this…


The above image was posted on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Tumblr account. So far, so meme – it’s a pretty decent spin on the classic ‘What People Think I Do / What I Really Do’ image macro.

What sets this apart from the usual tomfoolery that happens on the SEGA social media channels lies within the tags of the post. The Sonic brand team love playing around with the tags section on Tumblr, and this time is no different with the teasing notes:

#we know you all want a teaser
#but maybe they’re already there–have you looked hard enough? 😉

Of course, the obvious thing to point out here is that SEGA is definitely making a game (contrary to popular opinion). Whether that game is about Sonic though, or is about food instead remains to be seen – we know SEGA loves its food. There’s also the rather nice Harry Potter reference in the description: ‘We solemnly swear we’re up to something good’.

Fans are currently scrambling to make sense of every little detail in the post (in fact, one Twitter fan reckons they’re on to something here), including the strange little squiggle that can be found in the top right corner of the image. But nothing’s bound to be there, right?

It actually looks like a smiley face if you stare at it the right way.

Conspiracy theories ahoy! What do you think is going on here? Let us know in the comments below – you all clearly have better detective skills than any of us.

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    1. All of these are freaking adorable. Did they actually make new Classic art for this, because I seriously want to see some more, this is just too cute! /)^3^(\ <3

  1. I could be wrong but if u edit the top right blue looking like a 3 and rotate it to 90 degrees and yes its a 3 but if u look at a image on sonic channel there are 3 Sonics running with the same color background.My guess is a game base on 3 Sonic’s or could 3 Sonic’s maybe be getting a each main game

  2. Implying “Sonic Team is working on a new game” is amazing revelation when the main crew didn’t ship anything serious since 2011, or 2013 for the Wii U group. Sonic social medias and memeing are useless vectors which provide fandom with empty void. Should talk when they have something to announce.

    1. It’s true this all seems to an attempt to distract people from thinking about that. The main crew hasn’t shipped anything for about 5 years, In comparison 5 years is the same period that Rockstar had between GTA IV and V and in between that time they were doing the Liberty City Episodes and helping out with Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Max Payne 3. 5 years between projects is a really long time between projects for any dev let alone a platformer dev, and unless they spent a great deal helping the LW team or BRB it’s hard not to see whatever they are working on not being stuck in development hell. If one of the Tumblr tags on that post is implying that it’s still too early for it to be shown after this time that’s pretty worrying.

      1. That’s because they are involved in other projects. Sonic Team isn’t a set-in-stone studio; it’s the collective of all coders/artists/etc. that participate in the production of a Sonic game. And they are used in other projects too. Quite possibly the coders of the upcoming Sonic game are involved in continuous Phantasy Star Online 2 development (it’s an MMO of sorts), or with the mobile section of Sega. They haven’t been spending all this time solely on creating the next Sonic game.

    1. If I had to make a guess it’d be either the use of Classic Sonic rather than Modern or Boom Sonic suggesting the game’s about Classic Sonic or Imposter Hill Zone on the bottom-middle suggesting a Sonic 1 remake.

  3. I can’t say much, but I’ll give you guys a hint. Two games are in development, one is classic (Sonic Genes….) and the other is modern.
    The classic one is pixelated and have Genesis/Sega Saturn feeling. Classic Amy and Sonic will be there (this is what Aaron want to show).
    I can’t say anything about the modern one, but will be outstanding…
    Dont need to believe me, just write what I’m saying and wait 🙂

    1. Sounds like you’re quoting Sonic Xtreme. Despite the desire for that title, I’d rather something not related to it (LostWorld was the closest we should’ve got to that).

      But, either way, I look forward to the HYPE 😀

    2. And let me guess, Madeon is working on the soundtrack of the classic game while Crush40 is working on the soundtrack of the modern game right?

  4. My guess is:

    A Sonic 1 (possibly elements of 2 and CD too) remake but in a Generations style. Classic levels all reimagned in to 3d levels along with 2d re-imagned and expanded versions the originals.

    As a story mode, the Timestones from Little Planet could make this possible….and also it WOULD allow some conclusion to Sonic 4 Part 2 too (if tyhey wanted to do that!)

  5. As long as we get a 3d Sonic game on PS4 and Xbox One, SEGA can take all the time they need. Remember, both Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted 4 took 3 years to release after the PS4 was released in 2013. I have a feeling Sonic will be legendary this year.

  6. Hard to say what this game actually could be. I would theorize that it’s yet another Classicstalgia game, but there’s been a decent amount of hints towards a game that caters to Adventure Era fans. I highly doubt they’re making something brand new, so as to be safe after Rise of Lyric. Besides, why would they be hinting and teasing so much for something unfamiliar? And even with all the hints to something more Classic, it really could just be using Classic Sonic as an icon for the anniversary, provided how iconic he is. It’s pretty hard to say, but I know that when the game is revealed, I’m gonna say “Ohhhhhh, that’s what those meant.” like a doofus.

    I do like this feeling, though. This feeling that we’re so close to knowing what it is. It’s almost June, guys. The time is hopefully now.

  7. Uh Oh… Is it just me or is that squiggle in the shape of the number… (gulp)… 3???

    Or maybe I’m just busting your balls!

  8. I personally wish they’d cut all the “lol memes” and give us a more constructive clue. Or at least do the teasing with Cawthon-esque dignity.

  9. Am I the only one that saw it as a joke about how the games never get finished? Simple as that. I also just figured the tags were them fooling with us again. Perhaps I’m just too simple-minded.

  10. “What the internet thinks I do” should be replaced with Sonic doing a bulk order of vaseline on Amazon for another lame exclusively deal. I feel bad for you Aaron if that’s the case because you won’t be able to PR the reaction to that away, 3+ since the last game and 5 years since the last multiplatform release & the last actually good one at that the same social media they use to promote Sonic with zany memes will be used to tear them to shreds. Sega if you’ve instead popped your eyes to reality instead of believing in fairy tales good on you.

  11. It’s never been just memes, he’s been leading people with cryptic riddles and dates that either led to nothing or simply led to another date like that July party, this would be different if they went on for only a month or so and was part of a obvious ARG of sorts but it’s been going on nearly a half a year possibly longer. It’s a gamified version of the announcement of an announcement nonsense they ran into the ground during Sonic 4.

  12. I’m grasping at straws here, but of the 6 mini-images, 3 have a red border and 3 have blue border. Blue is Sonic, Red is Knuckles… aaaand that’s not useful at all.

      1. Eh I think the Sonic Civil War is coming either way, I don’t see whatever is announced not dividing fans and starting a very vocal infight between them. Even if they hit things on all cylinders with a game that gets just about everyone excited Sega is bound to make a business decision that sabotage it and divide fans.

      2. But we have had that already with Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic 2006.

  13. @TheBlackHoodedGamer
    SA came out nearly 20 years ago anything new that drew come that would be as just guilty of being “nostalgia bait”, and let’s not act like they haven’t already been doing that like with the random references to it in games like Black Knight and Sonic 4, the Shadow game was love letter to SA2 and let’s not forget the moment where they went over the edge with this and made a horrific copy of SA1 that made the franchise a laughing stock to the public.

    1. Sorry but that post looks incredible biased, you are talking as if anything borrowed from the Adventures games is nostalgia bait but don’t you think those elements may actually be things that work very well for the franchise and are worth incorporating in the long-term? Namely several songs, sound effects, characters, story elements, aesthetics and gameplay mechanics introduced in the Adventure games, following your logic is like saying that using springs and spindash in modern games is a nostalgia bait for the classic fans while using the dash pads with the Adventure design or the homming attack is a bait for the Adventure fans, nowdays you could see influence of several past Sonic games in the recent ones, for example the newer games borrow a lot from Sonic Heroes designs, menus and sound effects.

      By the way thanks to the SA remake I got the chance to play it for the first time, why do you think is a laughing stock?

    2. Oh, I definitely agree that the Adventure Era is prone to being nostalgia-baited…. but it hasn’t been like the Classic era has been. The Adventure Era has had numerous references and smaller nods in some recent games, but in general, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and kind of Sonic Lost World take heavy inspiration from the Classics, be it by simple story or gameplay choices. Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World are more unique, however. It just feels like lately, SEGA is convinced that the only way Sonic can be good is through Classic Sonic. And I definitely don’t want to see a reliance on Adventure nostalgia either. But, for this anniversary game, I have a strong feeling it’s gonna be more akin to Sonic Generations.

      Don’t get me wrong, a Classic-inspired Sonic game can be a superb 25th Anniversary title. And it still seems like the safest way out for SEGA right now, even more so than Sonic Adventure 3, given the recent criticism towards the Adventure Era. But, I’m personally of the crowd that would like to see Sonic expand further. For years now, we’ve just had simple adventures where Sonic stops Dr. Eggman, like the good ol’ days. And I’m totally cool with bringing back some Classic badniks or ideas, but… sometimes it just feels like a forced way of saying, “See? We remember Green Hill Zone. And those Oil Ocean Zone pipes. And motobugs.”

      1. Couldn’t agree more with that last part, in my opinion I think SA3 would make for a great anniversary title, both for the fans and the public image of the franchise but I rather see, as you say, something entirely new and fresh, with a lot of heart and passion put into it, a new Sonic “era” that actually tries to surpass the others and become the norm rather than being a quick cash relying on nostalgia.

  14. @Raw
    I’m referring to writing such things off as nostalgia bait period, look at the post I replying to he says classicstalgia while not saying adventurestalgia.
    The real problem I see that Sonic Team and Iizuka were unwilling to have to have two pillars of Sonic after Generations and instead tired to make a Frankenstein between the two that barely pleased anyone called Lost World while making a new pillar that is simply current Sonic with blue arms, sports tape and roided Knuckles in a generic looking world as the second pillar. I think the fear that people had of Boom suppressing everything else in the franchise has come to pass, we get nothing on DS now but Boom games with nothing like Rush in sight, Runners felt like it was intentionally set up to fail while Boom was injected into Sonic Dash’s sequel, Jazware lost their license and Modern Sonic merchandise went MIA, Sonic’s backcatalog curiously continues to not be available on the current generation of consoles and boy is that curious, they used to be very active on this front for years and years while now it’s just the 3D Classics and the still Japan only VC of the Advance games, they won’t even bother letting Sonic 1&2 Remastered come to anything but micro consoles. It would be a travesty if by the end of the year Sonic 1 still hasn’t brought to current gen consoles on it’s 25th year.

    And I wasn’t talking about the SA1 port I’m talking about the infamous game that tried so very hard to be like SA1 but failed at at all of that miserably, it was joking called “Sonic Adventure 1.5” because of this back in the day but I don’t think that’s fair to SA1 it’s more like “Sonic Adventure 0.5”.

  15. Sorry Sega/Sonicteam, but you two have broken too many promises in the past for me to come crawling back to your abusive side.

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