Madeon & Sega Collaborating on a “New Sonic Game Trailer”

It seems that we might be getting a trailer for a new Sonic game very soon if this series of tweets is anything to go by.

Popular French musician Madeon and Sonic the Hedgehog twitter accounts had a little bit of banter last night regarding the use of Madeon’s music in a Sonic trailer.

Unfortunately, there are no clues as to which game this is for, be it Boom Fire & Ice or an unannounced project. Although, this isn’t the first time Sega and Madeon have had a little bit of banter between them, you may The Sonic Tumblr account has also used various mentions to Madeon in their tags on some recent postings.


  1. I like how open this business transaction was. All the trickster stunts with the Sonic Twitter on a normal basis, and here they just have a normal conversation.

  2. Saw this coming, I like Madeon music a lot and hopefully he and Sega are collaborating in more than just in a trailer.

    Fun Fact:
    Sonic Adventure 2 is Madeon’s favorite game 😀

  3. I have so much hope that we’re getting that new game announcement at E3 or the 25th Anniversary Party. Having an open conversation like this, though, feels really promising, coming from the hilarious-but-cryptic Sonic Twitter. 🙂 It’s great to hear that Madeon will be collaborating with them like this.

    Hopefully it’s for the new game, while Hyper Potions’ music is used for a new Fire & Ice trailer.

    1. well whatever the music he gots i hope it will be more awesome then crush 40. i’m sure that they are planning something good for the new sonic game.

  4. “For a friend” eh?

    I see what’s going on here Sonic…..

    It’s for Knuckles isn’t it? That poor boi, he must be still trying to reinvent his image ever since Unknown from M.E. never left him alone sine ’98. Ha, that poor soul! X)

  5. Dear Post 2012 SEGA,
    We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch! We had Generations we had Colors, we had All Stars Racing Transformed and it all ran like clockwork…
    You could have shut your mouth, developed, and made as much money as you ever needed! It was perfect! But no! You just had to blow it up! You, and your pride and your ego! You just had to be the man! If you’d done your job, known your place, we’d all be fine right now!

    Xymosan Ehrmantraut

    1. You do realize that Sega doesn’t exactly roam sites like these right? There’s no point to saying that other than to come off as someone who is just complaining out of nowhere randomly. It at least would have made more sense if it was an article that was talking about Sega and how they are doing things, but this is so far removed from that. What does anything that you just said have to do with Sonic’s social media branch possibly using music from a famous artist for use in an upcoming trailer? Cause from where I’m standing, the answer is “nothing”. 😛

      1. well whatever the case is, i’m sure the guy is gonna do something big and i hope this anniversary be on every consoles because sonic 06 fail very bad 🙁

  6. Hoping it isn’t for Fire and Ice. Being 100% honest here, when they used Skrillex in the trailer for Rise of Lyric I was actually SUPER hyped, and we all know how that turned out. Remaining cautiously optimistic though… Somehow I feel whatever Sonic Team has planned is gonna be big…

  7. In all seriousness, it’s more than likely not for Fire and Ice.

    Sonic game trailers tend to use the same music track or band for each trailer. This is probably for something else.

  8. Not holding my breathe. Colors was fun but I never went back to play it after too long. The story sucked even though it had a good premise. Generations was fun purely for the nostalgia factor and the stages. Everything else was literally whited out, nothing that really embodied Sonic other than reflecting back to the past. I’m tired of the comedic thing here SEGA. I want Sonic back to a balanced and edgy tone, with gameplay rocking that Adventure and classic feel. I gaurantee new generations will love the games as much now as they did then. But why would you do something that is so sensible and obvious? Again, it’s do or die time because I can personally say I’ll be done with this franchise I the new game turns out disappointing like the last seven disappointments you’ve released in the not so recent past. It gets tiring to play crap games after a while. Take that as my advice, from a very loyal and positive sonic fan that’s been around for a decade

  9. I’m not as excited as much as I am curious. Personally I think the 25th anniversary is kinda doomed (but what do I know I condone SA3 lol). I’m just kinda curious to see what they have in store after all this hype building.

  10. We can’t wait to see unannounced New Sonic game by Sega & Madeon for a new Sonic game tralier coming out of Modern Sonic game tralier or Sonic Boom Fire & Ice New Tralier?Personally I prefer Modern Sonic game trailer more because a lot of Sonic fans & people miss Modern Sonic games a lot & so do I, well this year hopefully Sega better add Modern Sonic game tralier at Madeon Confidence! Would it be super hype to see Sonic characters old design back as for Modern Sonic himself old design to back in Sonic Adventure in 1998 /1999 everyone’s favorite Modern Sonic old design are number one & so am I perfect Sonic design or just stick with Sonic Boom Fire & Ice new tralier is fine by me to see it?

    1. i agree my friend. alot of people wanted to see a new modern sonic game i think its time for them to bring back modern sonic and announced there special anniversary project.

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